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Social Media and CRM Solution for the Social Customer

Launch of Social IQ, a disruptive Social Media and CRM solution for the Social Customer

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Social Media and CRM Solution for the Social Customer

  1. 1. Meet Hannah! Female, 27, Bubbly Singaporean girl who loves good food and travelling P.S. Guys, if you want her number, let me know... ;-)
  2. 2. She uses “3 screens” and is active on a few Social Media channels
  3. 3. Prefers shopping online Hannah is your new-age Social Customer! Solicits customer service on Social Media Trusts online reviews Recommends products on Social Channels Connects with like- minded peers online Takes part in online campaigns & promos
  4. 4. As an active Internet and Social Media user, Hannah is exposed to hundreds of digital advertising daily
  5. 5. So how can brands engage Hannah and today’s Social Customers?
  6. 6. Be a Friend
  7. 7. Friends = ClicksTraffic CRM
  8. 8. Friends are emotionally engaged with rich mutual interactions
  9. 9. Build interactions through meaningful touch points with your target audiences Product / Sevice Ideas Social Customer Support Mobile On- Location Digital Loyalty Incentives
  10. 10. CREATING Holistic Digital Brand Experiences for the Social Customer
  11. 11. From Customers to Friends to Advocates transaction driven emotion driven loyalty driven
  12. 12. Presenting... Social IQ A disruptive Social Media and CRM Solution
  13. 13. SocialCRMTouchPoints
  14. 14. Analytics on Social Big Data Trending Customer Topics Competition Analysis Customer Profile Analysis Actionable Insights Sentiment Analysis
  15. 15. Technology silos make it impossible to understand both the impact of campaigns, and the behaviour of customers, across multiple channels” - Forrester “ What are we trying to SOLVE?
  16. 16. Tracking / Analytics Touch Points ROI Measure Advocate Discovery $ +
  17. 17. Evolution of Social for Business
  18. 18. Visit Connect Let’s talk!