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Software Engineering - chp5- software architecture


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Software Architecture

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Software Engineering - chp5- software architecture

  1. 1. MedTech Chapter 5 – Software Architecture How to define the architecture of your software product Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 1 MedTech – Mediterranean Institute of Technology CS321-Software Engineering MedTech
  2. 2. MedTech SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE - DEFINITION Software Architecture Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 2
  3. 3. MedTech Software Architecture • Architecture • « Architecture is the fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their relationships to each other and the environment, and the principles governing its design and evolution. » [ANSI/IEEE Std 1471-2000] • Software Architecture • « The software architecture of a program or computing system is the structure or structures of the system, which comprise software elements, the externally visible properties of those elements, and the relationships among them. »[SEI] Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 3 Software Architecture - Definition
  4. 4. MedTech Software Architecture • Mainly: Architecture Defines Structure • Decomposition of system into : • Software Elements • Elements are captured as abstractions • Correspond to high level system modules or components • Component interfaces • External visible properties of elements • Describe element features exposed to others • Typically represent services provided to other elements • Component responsibilities • What does a component precisely do? • Relationships of elements • How do elements interact with others? Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 4 Software Architecture - Definition
  5. 5. MedTech Software Architecture Structures Examples Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 5 Software Architecture - Definition Modules Components and Connections
  6. 6. MedTech Software Architecture Structures Examples Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 6 Software Architecture - Definition Distribution
  7. 7. MedTech Structures from Multiple Views Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 7 Software Architecture - Definition • Large software systems require structures from multiple perspectives (views) • A single view is not sufficient to address all the requirements • Examples of views • Context View • Focuses on the system’s functionality • Deployment View • Reflects the physical deployment of software components to computing hardware
  8. 8. MedTech Analogy : Building Architecture Views Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 8 Software Architecture - Definition 2D Front View Floor Plan View Room Plan View
  9. 9. MedTech Why Using Software Architecture? • Crucial changes in software engineering have increased the importance of architecture • Scale • Distribution • Security Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 9 Software Architecture - Definition Minimally Distributed System Highly Distributed System
  10. 10. MedTech A Good Software Architecture… • Considers for the system: • The functional requirements • The non functional requirements • The entire system lifecycle • Helps us understand the system: • Divides the system meaningfully • Abstract complicated details • Provides the framework for: • Realization • Project Planning • Project Organization • Integrate all the development artefacts • Provide documentation Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 10 Software Architecture - Definition
  11. 11. MedTech Software Architect The ideal Software Architect should be a man of letters, a mathematician, familiar with historical studies, a dilifent student of philosophy, acquainted with music, not ignorant of medicine, learned in the responses of juriconsults, familiar with astronomy and astronomical calculations. Vitrivus (Roman author, architect and civil engineer, during the 1st century BC) Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 11 Software Architecture - Definition
  12. 12. MedTech Software Architect and Others Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 12 Software Architecture - Definition
  13. 13. MedTech SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE PATTERNS Software Architecture Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 13
  14. 14. MedTech Architectural Patterns • An architectural pattern in a proven structural organization schema for software systems • Architectural Patterns vs Design Patterns (already seen in chapter 4) • Design Patterns offer a common solution for a common problem in the form of classes working together • Smaller in scale than architectural patterns, where the components are subsystems rather than classes • Design Patterns do not influence the fundamental structure of a system • Only affect a single subsystem • They may help implementing an architectural pattern • Some (not all) architectural patterns are described here-after Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 14 Software Architecture Patterns
  15. 15. MedTech Pattern 1: Layers Pattern • Helps structure applications that can be decomposed into groups of subtasks, each of which is at a particular level of abstraction • Each layer provides services to the next higher layer • Services in a layer are implemented using services from the next lower layer • Service requests are frequently done by using synchronus procedure calls • Most famous example of layered systems: networking protocols Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 15 Software Architecture Patterns
  16. 16. MedTech Pattern 1: Layers Pattern (Example 1) Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 16 Software Architecture Patterns Networking Protocol (OSI Model)
  17. 17. MedTech Pattern 1: Layers Pattern (Example 2) Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 17 Software Architecture Patterns
  18. 18. MedTech Pattern 2: Client-Server Pattern • A server component provides services to multiple client components • A client component requests services from the server component • Servers are permanently active, listening for clients • Client and server may reside in different machines • This pattern can be considered as a form of the layered pattern with two layers, the clients being the higher level and the server the lower level • Examples • Remote database access • Remote file systems access • Web-based applications (browsers request from a web server) Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 18 Software Architecture Patterns
  19. 19. MedTech Pattern 2: Client-Server Pattern (Example) Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 19 Software Architecture Patterns
  20. 20. MedTech Pattern 3: Master-Slave Pattern • Supports fault-tolerance and parallel computation • The master component distributes the work among identical slave components, and computes a final result from the results they return • Applied for instance in : • Process control • Embedded systems • Large scale parallel computations • Fault-tolerant systems Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 20 Software Architecture Patterns
  21. 21. MedTech Pattern 3: Master-Slave Pattern (Example) Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 21 Software Architecture Patterns
  22. 22. MedTech Pattern 4: Pipe-Filter Pattern • Provides a structure for systems that produce a stream of data • Each processing step is encapsulated in a filter component • Data is passed through pipes • Pipes can be used for buffering or for synchronization • This pattern divides the task of a system into several processing steps • The steps are connected by the data flow • The output of a step is the input for the next step • Common examples: • Pipe-filter in the unix shell commands • cat file | grep xyz | sort | uniq > out • Compilers Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 22 Software Architecture Patterns
  23. 23. MedTech Pattern 4: Pipe-Filter Pattern (Example) Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 23 Software Architecture Patterns Compiler
  24. 24. MedTech Pattern 5: MVC Pattern • Model-View-Controller Pattern • An interactive application is divided into three parts: • Model • Contains core fundtionality and data • View • Displays the information to the user • Controller • Handles the input from the user • Often uses the Observer design pattern • User input can invoke a change in the model, and in the displayed view • Makes it easy to have multiple views of the same model Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 24 Software Architecture Patterns
  25. 25. MedTech Pattern 5: MVC Pattern Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 25 Software Architecture Patterns
  26. 26. MedTech Pattern 5: MVC Pattern Dr. Lilia SFAXI Slide 26 Software Architecture Patterns