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Forgive Me Please, Now I See


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Does a flower simple grow or does it need to be shown the path in which it should go? The last time I took care of a flower I gave it basic nutrients and let it go. It can be cloned yet it will be empty of soul. The original flower will always be known. It has flaws and it cries. It's always trying to get your attention just to hear these words: that you love it so. It's not about being corrupt or hiding among the dust. It doesn't bank on telling daily lies just to always as getting by. It honestly has a life to which it thrives. The main focus for simply as to be alive. When you are looking at flowers, just what is it do you see. They're all about being friends and family tree. They have an innate structure, they know which way to grow. I have seen the pit of their soul. They are entities of nature and a purpose for living. They too need the sun and love to grow. Maybe you say that's not the agenda to see. If not that to what then do you as make it to be. Shall we put them to work slaving through the day in such a way. Do we make them pay taxes? Their homes are themselves in the soil to which they've been planted. What I'm trying to see is how and what you think of these enchanting entities. The more I look at this world I'm trying to see how we're so much alike in all the entities. Yet, it takes a very good pair of eyes for this world to see all our innate special similarities. How do we as know how much is to be enough? And how much should we let flow? When you are a leader in a business do you steal your own payroll? What if you scare your own team. To be a leader doesn't mean to be a threat. As if you can have anyone designated. That will not be your agenda. Same as taking care of a flower. It's the mannerism of how it's care is under your managerial flow. I have seen management become like Hitler's. They take care of employee's as if they are cattle. They treat them like overflow. They become the type that put infectious germs on employee's toilet stool. To see them as itch and to deal with mites. They think it's their empire and even if they did the hire. Employees will walk the plank on their ship. Yes what I'm seeing in some business, is such a complete and utter mess. Some managerial people are very much asphyxiating. Even yet some are dangerous as not to take care of even a pet. Did you inherit the business? Still as to haven't learned this the gift that was given yet. Of course, if you did go to school was it taught by a fool. How did you get "truth serum" to put in their cubical? Truth told this is getting old. Start their throwing's of all kinds of sedative darts. Thinking if you don't see them as doing anything. You might be as to thinking how smart and ingenious they have been. I know most people in business aren't doing business in the way it use to be. If only they could think of business as the flower to see. Stealth and fragile no wilting "Business!

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