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India product updates – January – March, 2018 | LinkedIn Talent Solutions

A summary of product updates and enhancements helping Indian recruiters hire more efficiently and professionals find their next job faster.

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India product updates – January – March, 2018 | LinkedIn Talent Solutions

  1. 1. A Recap of Product Updates India | January – March 2018 Product enhancements
  2. 2. Product updates that made recruiters hire faster and more efficiently Check out our new product features
  3. 3. LinkedIn Scheduler Say goodbye to the back and forth process of interview scheduling
  4. 4. See how LinkedIn Scheduler works Step 1: Sync your calendar and let Scheduler share your availability automatically LinkedIn Scheduler automates your interview scheduling outreach via InMail
  5. 5. See how LinkedIn Scheduler works Step 2: Send your InMail and invite candidates to book their interview automatically
  6. 6. See how LinkedIn Scheduler works Step 3: Easily view your upcoming interviews with a real-time sync of LinkedIn and your calendar Learn more about LinkedIn Scheduler here.
  7. 7. LinkedIn Scheduler helps you automate interview scheduling Candidates can easily book and reschedule their interview Candidates share their contact details with the interviewer
  8. 8. Enhancements to Open Candidates
  9. 9. We launched Open Candidates in 2016 with 1 million candidates open to new opportunities Open Candidates are 2X more responsive to communication from recruiters But, we are not done! We now have over 12M Open Candidates on LinkedIn And we have made our program even stronger…
  10. 10. Here is what’s new with the ‘Open Candidates’ feature Discover our most relevant open candidates yet Find candidates willing to relocate Timely notifications for faster outreach 1 2 3 Learn more about enhancements to the ‘Open Candidate’ feature here.
  11. 11. Learn what’s new and how it will help youHow it works: Highly relevant leads1 When a member has a new position, they will be asked to turn off their signal When a member has not responded to two consecutive inMails, they will receive this reminder to respond
  12. 12. Learn what’s new and how it will help youHow it works: Find candidates willing to relocate2 You can now very easily find candidates who are currently residing in an area, willing to relocate to that area or both
  13. 13. Learn what’s new and how it will help youHow it works: Timely notifications for faster outreach3 You will now see a list of Open Candidates in your saved search email
  14. 14. Creating a delightful experience for candidates and job-seekers Update on for Indian professionals
  15. 15. Ask for a referral Candidates who’re referred are 4X more likely to hear back from a recruiter
  16. 16. Learn what’s new and how it will help youHow it works: 1. Find jobs in your network that are a perfect fit for you 2. Tap the ‘Ask for a referral’ button, then select the person you would like to reach out to 3. LinkedIn will suggest a prepopulated message, but you’re free to customize the message and send it across
  17. 17. Some of our success stories Click on each of the blocks to learn more about how organizations are redefining talent acquisition and branding with LinkedIn
  18. 18. To see what’s new, please visit