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Sponsored InMail 101

Quick and easy tips to understanding Sponsored InMail, Best Practices and how to boost open rates and clicks

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Sponsored InMail 101

  1. 1. DO» fi Link«e«cl 3P@NSQRED ENMASL —~- 101 s) Lesson 1 , liliRODUCllODlO SPODlSOREDlDll/ lll Contact targeted Boost awareness Reach audiences in their and drive professionals professional inbox conversions with across desktop on Linkedln tailored and mobile messaging Linked Lesson 2 BEST PRACTICES EOR OOOOO SRODSOREDlHORl. 6% Sponsored inMail can come from Brands or People. Match the "sender” with the tone of / the message Short and impactful subject Use descriptions, lines visible in the inbox, to build upon the RECOllllERlD/ lllORl lS Subied “"9 3-S WORDS ——~~ Lesson 3 — I I TOP WAYS TO BOOST SPONSORED IOO/ Oi OPEN RATES Tailor the Include a Use Linkedln message content call-to-action in targeting to reach for your recipients the subject line your audiences to ensure across both relevance desktop and / ;E§f mobile - and have _: / ,l a mobile-friendly landing page ‘l — is Lesson 4 — i lHERERSE EUEKS P A? ?? / /gm Directly align the content of the message to the call-to-action. Cte1unf<; ;-xP1-1-ill: -1l: +: creative banner subject line message body ~ KJ l l ; EESSlSl”ORE I Keep the Remove any copy audience focused l that is l by limiting how non-essential. many call-to-actions are / j'§: ‘_D R7 / T l used. lg?