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GDPR rules start today, Walmart wants to hire more parents, and other news

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GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, comes into effect across the European Union today. Among other things, the new regulations on privacy oblige companies to clearly state how they’re storing data.
Walmart will offer training for workers looking to restart their careers after taking time off to care for family. Starting in September, the retail giant's technology unit will offer 16-week internships to roughly 30 workers who have taken at least two years off for caregiving.
Political Ads
Facebook and Twitter are changing the way they display political ads ahead of the coming midterm elections. Facebook has opted for a “paid for” label on political ads in the U.S., while Twitter will use a “promoted (political)” label.
‘I’m sure you won’t have to wait for a couple of months’ for the first fines,” Andrea Jelinek, the European Union’s top privacy regulator, on GDPR.
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