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Jim Kim: "I Have Never Pursued a Job In My Whole Life"

"This is when I discovered what I needed to do. I needed to have an impact on justice."

On paper, the World Bank's Jim Kim has had several different jobs and a winding career path. One thing, however, brings it all together: making the world better.

Some of our favorite excerpts:
"If you can link the passion you have for a specific activity with a broader purpose that sort of gets you up every morning, I think that's what's been most helpful to me.

The other thing, though is never underestimate the value of having real skills. And for me, real skills are being able to speak clearly, being able to write clearly. So, it's nothing to do with what you choose to study in high school or college-- you know, people who are French Literature majors, if they're really good at capturing ideas and expressing them, there's always a need for people who can write and speak effectively."

"The ability to focus on something and put in the 10,000 hours, to reach mastery-- is a pretty unique skill. And so I still think that this-- that having a passion and purpose is important but you gotta put in the hours, you really gotta put in the time."