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Millennials on Being Millennials

From startup CEOs to students, millennials talk about the misconceptions about their generation, what they’re looking for in a job and what success means to them. This is tied to June’s student editorial topic: A Millennial on Millennials.

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In order of appearance:
Adrian J. Hopkins, Director of strategy at Bureau Blank and career advisor
Elizabeth Brajevich, Michigan State University student and founder of Worms Eat My Garbage Vermicomposting Program
Lily Herman, Wesleyan University student and co-founder of
Olivia Pavco-Giaccia, Yale University student and founder of LabCandy
Divya Ramamoorthy, The University of Texas student
Evin Robinson, Co-founder of Brooklyn on Tech
Meghan Warner, UC Berkeley student
Shree Bose, Harvard University student and co-founder of Piper
Maren Kate Donovan, CEO of Zirtual
Vanessa Alejandro, University of Houston student and co-founder of Warriors of the Wild
Nicole Acton, Knox College student and award-winning playwright
Kyshira S. Moffett, Assistant director of career management at University of Pittsburgh’s business school

LinkedIn Studios:
Script: Maya Pope-Chappell
Camera & Mix: Dan Mills
Art & Animations: Jacqueline Zaccor
Producer: Florencia Iriondo