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My #First90 Days: How to Rock Your New Job

They say the first 90 days of a new job are crucial for success. They're filled with moments that will define you in the workplace: meeting your colleagues, impressing your boss, getting in the rhythm of your new role.

How should you navigate these new waters? LinkedIn Influencers share their tips for acing that new job.

My #First90 Days: How to Rock Your New Job

  1. Starting a new job can be daunting.
  2. It’s the time to meet your colleagues, impress your boss, get into the rhythm of your new role.
  3. So how should a newbie navigate those first 90 days?
  4. Take some advice from LinkedIn Influencers— These business experts have shared their own stories of new beginnings. Read on for their #First90 tips.
  5. Start working before Day One. “You’ve just gone through this big dating process and you’ve selected The One… and then you won’t see them again until your wedding day. That doesn’t make any sense!” 01 MAYNARD WEBB Chairman, Yahoo!, Former COO, eBay READ POST
  6. You can’t fix it right away. “You won't be able to change the world overnight. Even the obvious takes time, regardless of your good intentions or people's willingness to change.” 02 INGE GEERDENS Entrepreneur,  Founder/CEO  CVWarehouse   READ POST
  7. 03 BRIAN WONG Founder and CEO at Kiip Say yes to everything. “Say ‘yes’ or ‘let me try’ to every opportunity that lands on your plate. Showing initiative in the beginning pays off.” READ POST
  8. 04 RICH A. MORAN President, Menlo College Ask your coworkers to lunch. “Grabbing a turkey sandwich and eating at your desk by yourself is a daily wasted opportunity.” READ POST
  9. 05 RICHARD BRANSON Founder at Virgin-For-All Listen to everyone you meet. “Make yourself available, work hard, and over time you will make yourself indispensable.” READ POST
  10. 06 GUY KAWASAKI Chief Evangelist at Canva Make your boss look good. “Either you rise to the top together, or crash and burn together.” READ POST
  11. 07 DEEPAK CHOPRA Founder, Chopra Foundation Take care of yourself first. “The good news is that tending to our well-being is easiest where it's most effective — in your daily life, right this minute.” READ POST
  12. 08 J.T. O’DONNELL CEO, CAREEREALISM Media and Career Don’t try to be the golden child. “You aren't ‘the’ best. You're now part of ‘the best’ organization — and should act accordingly.” READ POST
  13. What advice would you give to others starting a new job? Share your story on LinkedIn. #First90