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4 Million LinkedIn Members Want to Volunteer Their Skills for Good

More than 4 million professionals on LinkedIn have expressed interest in joining a nonprofit board or doing skills-based volunteering – or both. Learn more:

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4 Million LinkedIn Members Want to Volunteer Their Skills for Good

  1. 1. More than 4 million Linkedin members want to volunteer their skills for good. Who are they? Over three-fourths want to serve as volunteers. Younger workers in particular are looking for ways to give back. Seniority EARLY CAREER PROFESSIONALS MID-LEVEL MANAGERS DIRECTORS AND ABOVE 7% BABY BOOMERS & SENIOR LEADERS 21% GEN X & MID-CAREER PROFESSIONALS MILLENNIALS 72% INTERESTED IN SERVING ON A BOARD INTERESTED IN USING THEIR SKILLS AS VOLUNTEERS Top skills they have What do they do? Members who want to give back come from a range of industries and job functions, with a variety of skills. Many are in IT, marketing, consulting, and product management. Top functions Top industries Where are they? 38% of aspiring volunteers are in the U.S., but they're rapidly growing around the world, most notably in the U.K. and India. In the U.S., they're most concentrated in midwestern and college towns. Top countries *Calculated as a ratio of members who want to volunteer or be on a board out of the total LinkedIn members in that city. Causes they support What do they care about? Members are most passionate about issues related to youth. Keywords that get the most views What are the most popular volunteer opportunities? Some opportunities attract more member interest than others. Unless otherwise noted, the information herein draws from LinkedIn's total user base and skews accordingly. Connect to impact Age U.S. INDIA AUSTRALIA BRAZIL SPAIN CANADA ITALY U.K. NETHERLANDS FRANCE #6 SEATTLE, WA #5 FORT COLLINS, CO #3 LAWRENCE, KS #1 BLOOMINGTON, IN #2 LAFAYETTE, IN Top U.S. locations* #7 URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, IL #4 AUSTIN, TX #9 RALEIGH-DURHAM, NC #8 WASHINGTON, DC #10 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 39% 42% 19% CONSULTING PROGRAM & PROJECT MANAGEMENT PRODUCT MANAGEMENT MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LEADERSHIP CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC PLANNING PUBLIC SPEAKING PROJECT MANAGEMENT RESEARCH SOCIAL MEDIA SALESMARKETING DEVELOPMENT PUBLIC RELATIONS MARKETING COACH EVENT PLANNING SPECIAL EVENTS PROGRAM GRANT WRITER COMMUNICATIONS ACCOUNTING 63% 77% HIGHER EDUCATION HOSPITALS & HEALTHCARE FINANCIAL SERVICES INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES MARKETING & ADVERTISING EDUCATION CHILDREN ENVIRONMENT HUMAN RIGHTS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FIND THESE POTENTIAL VOLUNTEERS OR BOARD MEMBERS NOW!