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LinkedIn 101: Create a Profile and Learn the Basics!

Step-by-step guide to creating a great LinkedIn profile (or online resume), and how LinkedIn can help you find opportunities.

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LinkedIn 101: Create a Profile and Learn the Basics!

  1. 1. LinkedIn is a social media platform for your professional self Members across the globe LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network
  2. 2. Our vision: create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something A chance for employment or promotion op·por·tu·ni·ty noun
  3. 3. LinkedIn is a social media platform for your professional self 4 What is LinkedIn? People define who they are (in the working world), including: • Work history • Clubs, groups, or relevant activities • Education and qualifications • Skills Organizations (companies, nonprofits, etc.) use LinkedIn to: • HIRE people to work for them • Market and define their business and services People connect to stay in touch & help find work opportunities: • Jobs • New business / Sales • Volunteer positions….and more!
  4. 4. 5 Meet Rutha
  5. 5. 6 Meet Rutha • 21 year-old from Seattle • Part-time Software Engineer at Intel • Student majoring in Computer Science at the University of Washington • Cashier at Macy’s • Took classes at a local community college • Both parents were janitors • No knowledge of what “professional” careers look like Now Before
  6. 6. 7 Meet Rutha How did LinkedIn help Rutha find new opportunities? Researched other people’s career paths by: • Searching and reading about what people do, their job titles, and what they studied • Sending LinkedIn messages to professionals, asking if she could interview them to learn more about how they landed their jobs Connected to a professional who could help her • Spoke to a woman at a computer science coding event about her interest in software engineering • Connected with her on LinkedIn, thanked her, then asked her if she could get connected to someone working in software engineering • Got connected with a Software Engineer at Intel The Result? Step 1 Step 2
  7. 7. Even though you may not be a professional yet, LinkedIn can still help! 8 How can LinkedIn help you? • Create and showcase your online “professional brand,” (hint: this is your online resume!): • Your education and work qualifications (where have you worked? What do you study? What activities do you do?) • Your skills (what are you good at?) • Your potential (where do you aspire to work?) • Build your “network” of people to keep in touch with, and who can help you: • Find a job • Find a mentor to learn from • Share useful information that will help you succeed in the working world • Research career paths, evaluate your options, and apply for jobs • Check out different companies, the jobs and the people who work there • Check out universities and courses, and the careers graduates go into afterwards • Follow companies, sectors, and interesting, influential people in areas of interest Job & Internship Opportunities!
  8. 8. 16 Why does brand matter? *, 2013 Of employers have rejected a job candidate because of information they found about that person online* FACT:
  9. 9. Why does brand matter? *, 2010 16 Of employers say that positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions* FACT:
  10. 10. Registering on LinkedIn for the first time 11
  11. 11. (or download the app!) Registering on LinkedIn for the first time
  12. 12. Build a great profile This is your online resume that never sleeps 13
  13. 13. 75% of hiring managers review LinkedIn profiles before making a hiring decision. Make a great first impression.
  14. 14. 15 Your profile page On a Computer On your phone Click on “me” Click here to edit your profile
  15. 15. Here are the 7 things hiring managers care most about….
  16. 16. Add a professional photo 1 More views with a profile photo than without 14x Source: 17
  17. 17. 18 How important is it to smile? You tell me!
  18. 18. Write a strong headline 2 Explain what it is you do, and/or what you want to do! Show your passion and interests 19
  19. 19. 20 Below your photo and name-card you will see a range of different sections:
  20. 20. Write a compelling Summary 3 This is your Elevator Pitch Reference some of what you have done, some of what you are doing now, but focus on your future potential and aspirations Keep it short; no more than 2 paragraphs 21
  21. 21. Summary What are you passionate about? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why do you love working at Mylan? Summary: Your Elevator Pitch What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why do you love your major or organizations? What can people expect when they work with you? What is your dream? What do you bring into a room?
  22. 22. Detail your Education 4 Enter your School(s) and Dates Ignore “Degree” field if not relevant 23
  23. 23. Add your nonprofit program to the “Education” section 24 • Connect with other alumni • Pay it forward: coach or mentor current students in your program • Stay in touch Type your program name, and enter the relevant dates
  24. 24. Detail your Experience 5 Definitely include summer jobs, part-time jobs, work experience Keep the description short – e.g. use bullets What did you achieve, deliver, learn? 25
  25. 25. Source: Add examples of your work in photos presentations & videos Give a dynamic, visually appealing representation of your professional story 26
  26. 26. Add skills and get endorsed 27 Adding skills and expertise also helps you show up in relevant searches! What are your areas of expertise? Add at least 5 skills right now! TIP: If you endorse other people, they are more likely to endorse you in return! 6 Other Examples: • Sales • Photography • Cooking • Customer Service
  27. 27. Include Volunteer Experiences & Causes 7 Source: 28 41% of Hiring Managers consider volunteer experience equally as valuable as professional experience 41%
  28. 28. Ask for recommendations that add credibility and flavor Tips for getting strong recommendations: Ask former professors, colleagues, clients Remind them of your past projects and accomplishments Recommendations should showcase a diverse set of skills & strengths 29
  29. 29. Let’s give it a try  Set up a profile from the beginning  Upload a photo  Add a headline  Add your relevant work experience  Add at least 5-10 skills  Add your education
  30. 30. Network Leverage your contacts for an “in”
  31. 31. People of all different ages and backgrounds are on LinkedIn! 32 What kind of people are on LinkedIn? From students applying to internships and looking at colleges… To DJs mixing music and producing beats to play in clubs and concerts… To nurses helping to diagnose diseases and get people treatment… To construction workers, planning how to build skyscrapers
  32. 32. 89% of people reach out to people they know during the job search LinkedIn 2015
  33. 33. Use the network to open new doors Connect with people you know Find fellow alumni Use messaging to reach out
  34. 34. Connect with people you know 1 • Import your email contacts • To navigate there: • My Network • Add Contacts • Note: it auto-selects all contacts
  35. 35. Run a search for a person’s profile 36 Search for people on LinkedIn Start with the main Search bar at the top – type in a name. If you spot them go to their profile. If you don’t see them straightaway, hit Enter…
  36. 36. Find fellow alumni 2 • Search by what they studied, where they work, graduation year • Make sure to include a personal note with your connection request • To navigate there: • My Network > Find Alumni • Students & Alumni tab
  37. 37. Use messaging to reach out to your network 3 Chat-style interface for short-form and lightweight conversations. Research what your connections have been up to (where they work, what they’ve been posting, if there’s jobs at their company) – and use messages to connect.
  38. 38. Let’s give it a try  Import your email contacts  Find and add fellow alumni  Search for other people you might know  Send a practice message to fellow colleague
  39. 39. Jobs Connect to opportunity
  40. 40. Job tools to help you get hired Job search & alerts Job recommendations Jobs appNetwork insights
  41. 41. Search millions of job postings 1 • Filter jobs by keyword, title, company, postal code, function, industry, years of experience, and date posted • Save a search result to get email alerts for new job postings • Hint: if your profile is complete, you’ll get more relevant job listings
  42. 42. Network insights into the company 2 • See if you know anyone who works at the company to help you get an “in” • See if / who they’ve hired from your company • Get team insights of skills & background of company employees
  43. 43. Recommended jobs tailored for you 3 Recipe for relevant jobs: 1. Set your job preferences 2. Ensure your profile is up-to-date
  44. 44. Get the LinkedIn Job Search App 4 Those who apply to jobs on the 1st day they’re posted are 10% more likely to land the job. Get notified when your application has been viewed, a saved job is about to expire, or when there are new jobs that meet your search criteria
  45. 45. Let’s give it a try  Set up your job preferences  Set up 1-2 email alerts for a job one of your clients is looking for  Download Job Search App and do 1-2 searches
  46. 46. News updates you are interested in
  47. 47. Your source of job-related information 48 LinkedIn GroupsPulse Influencers and publishing
  48. 48. 49 In Pulse (also your home page!) you can select Influencers and Channels to follow for the latest news and updates
  49. 49. 50 More on Pulse: Follow people, companies, nonprofits, and channels to see their updates…right now! Sample People: • Barack Obama • Oprah Winfrey • Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple! Sample Organizations: • Your school • Your dream company to work for! • Organizations where you’ve worked • The nonprofit you’re part of! Sample Channels • Technology • Healthcare • Engineering • Social Impact
  50. 50. 51 Gain more general professional knowledge on LinkedIn, like interview skills
  51. 51. 52 Join groups to contribute your own thoughts and hear other people’s opinions Find and join groups
  52. 52. In summary 53
  53. 53. In summary: 1. Get your Photo and Headline up – these are the first things people see 2. Complete these important sections – Summary, Education, Experience, and Volunteer & Causes 3. See if you can include even more information in your profile, such as Languages or Awards
  54. 54. 55 LinkedIn All-Star First stop
  55. 55. 56 Your career goals Next Stop
  56. 56. ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.