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LinkedIn for Good announces this year's Employee Transformation Grant winners

LinkedIn for Good awards 15 employees annually with $3,000 USD grants to support their efforts to transform self, company or world. This year's grant winners come with astounding talent, personal passion and hunger to change the world around them. We're thrilled to share with you what tremendous ideas they'll be taking on this year.

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LinkedIn for Good announces this year's Employee Transformation Grant winners

  1. 1. LinkedIn for Good Announces its 2014 Employee Transformation Grant Winners
  2. 2. LinkedIn for Good Employee Transformation Grants: (n.) 15 annual grants awarded to LinkedIn employees to support their efforts to transform themselves, LinkedIn or the world.
  3. 3. CL IONA MOUL TON Bringing holistic medicine to her mother so she can replace pain with a more peaceful life
  4. 4. JANE FEIGHERY Completing her training to become a yoga ambassador and create her own healthy living initiative
  5. 5. KIMBERLY RICKARDS Filling backpacks with supplies and necessities for homeless and foster teens in NYC
  6. 6. L I ZANNE BARNWAL L Fulfilling a lifelong dream by competing in the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Ireland
  7. 7. DAVID WOODWARD Bringing opportunity and resources to a village in Cambodia
  8. 8. MARCEL LA ZOUCHA Giving her children the gift of family by uniting them with their grandfather
  9. 9. MARIA CESPEDES Furnishing a shelter for disabled orphans in rural Peru
  10. 10. MCKINZ IE KANDEL Visiting her adopted goddaughter in El Salvador to celebrate important milestones in her life
  11. 11. MICHAEL NOONE Bringing computer skills and online literacy to orphans in Zambia
  12. 12. VAUGHN GRAY Creating an English book club and literacy initiative for the Baan Kamala School in Thailand
  13. 13. FEL IX AYIKA Changing the perspectives of students in Tongo with textbooks and reading skills
  14. 14. CIARA FOGERTY Contributing towards her cousin Emily’s PhD
  15. 15. PROMEET MANSATA Rebuilding a house for a family and their two children in Bangalore
  16. 16. CONG NI Creating a program to provide comfort to parents who have deceased children in China
  17. 17. HARI MANGALATHVEEDU Helping his one month old son get treatment for a bilateral cleft lip
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