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Linksup Final Conference: Graham Attwell's Keynote


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Links-up project Final Conference: Keynote Speech by Graham Attwell

Published in: Education, Sports
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Linksup Final Conference: Graham Attwell's Keynote

  1. 1. Web 2.0, Learning 2.0 and Social Inclusion 2.0? Graham Attwell Pontydysgu Budapest, September, 2011
  2. 2. the present education and training systems are unsustainable
  3. 3. 72 million: The number of children of primary school age not in school in 2005
  4. 4. Rising demand for education Source: Brandenburg, U., Carr, D., Donauer, S., Berthold, C. (2008) Analysing the Future Market – Target Countries for German HEIs , Working paper No. 107, CHE Centre for Higher Education Development , Gütersloh, German y, p. 13.
  5. 5. Lifelong learning Adult education is a permanent national necessity, an inseparable aspect of citizenship, and therefore should be both universal and lifelong. Adult Education Committee of the British Ministry of Reconstruction (1919) Lifelong learning is now a mechanism for exclusion and control. has created new and powerful inequalities. Field (2000: ix-xii)
  6. 6. Peak oil Peak Oil
  7. 7. The industrial schooling model is failing blvesboy
  8. 8. e-learning has replicated traditional education models Photo: Stanford EdTech
  9. 9. Most e-learning is for those who already have access to education
  10. 10. More young people participate in learning than older people
  11. 11. Nearly twice as many participants in adult learning are from socio-economic category AB compared to DE
  12. 12. Managers get the most access to training Participation in training in Wales
  13. 13. We have generally failed to develop and adopt innovative pedagogies
  14. 14. Yet these are not new issues
  15. 15. Ivan Illich Universal education through schooling is not feasible. educational webs ...heighten the opportunity for each one to transform each moment of his living into one of learning, sharing, and caring Schools are not (as commonly perceived) a 'dependent variable' within society. They are the reproductive organ of a consumer society
  16. 16. "Education makes sense because women and men learn that through learning they can make and remake themselves, because women and men are able to take responsibility for themselves as beings capable of knowing — of knowing that they know and knowing that they don't" “ Education must begin with the solution of the teacher-student contradiction, by reconciling the poles of the contradiction so that both are simultaneously students and teachers” Friere
  17. 17. Knowledge has escaped from the academy
  18. 18. “ We are being forced to reexamine what constitutes knowledge and are moving from expert developed and sanctioned knowledge to collaborative forms of knowledge construction” Dave Cormier
  19. 19. “ a rhizomatic model of learning in which a community can construct a model of education flexible enough for the way knowledge develops and changes today by producing a map of contextual knowledge.” Dave Cormier
  20. 21. developing new ways of learning with technology
  21. 22. Bricolage - (Levi Strauss)
  22. 23. creating, exploring and transversing boundary objects
  23. 24. social learning is constructed from conversations and participation within a CoP
  24. 25. From digital literacies to critical literacies giulia.forsythe
  25. 26. we are iterating towards open education
  26. 27. Open education Open Educational Resources
  27. 28. RadioActive <ul><li>doing what we preach </li></ul>Photo by Flickr ID Encore! [ Stefano Coviello ] /7228289@N03/1352966362/
  28. 29. Live Radio by Flickr ID Profound Whatever
  29. 30. DIY approach
  30. 31. Digital Literacy
  31. 32. Pedagogy
  32. 33. Academics as Public Intellectuals
  33. 34. Chaos Messy
  34. 35. Peer Learning
  35. 36. Off we go!
  36. 37. shared knowledge in communities of practice
  37. 38. Massive Open Online Courses Massive Open Online Courses
  38. 39. PLEs and PLNs
  39. 40. Rich immersive learning environments
  40. 41. learning embedded in every day life
  41. 44. learning takes place in multiple contexts
  42. 51. We have divergent discourses about learning
  43. 52. A discourse of imagination, play, exploration. sharing, multimedia
  44. 53. attainment targets, measuring A discourse of targets, standards, testing and inspection
  45. 55. Thank you for watching