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How to Make Your Resume
Sound Human
The Resume Problem
Most of us have been taught to write a resume
in a horrible style we call Corporate Zombie
Who t...
You are way cooler than that!
Everything about you is unique:
• No one else has your story - or ever will
• No one has the exact mix of talents
you have...
Why not show more of your human
side in your resume?
It isn’t hard to make your resume
sound human
Start by telling your story
to someone, or writing it
You’ll incorpora...
Go through your resume with a red pen and get
rid of all the Corporate Zombie Speak language:
Results-oriented professiona...
What will you put into your resume in
place of the zombie words you took
Take a look at Jane Banks’ BEFORE and AFTER ...
17 Cherry Tree Lane
London, CO 80203 (123) 234-3456
Let’s bring more of Jane across in her
new Human-Voiced Resume™!
Here is the top section of Jane’s
Human-Voiced Resume™
Jane Elizabeth Banks
London, Colorado (123) 234-3456 jane.elizabeth...
Now Jane’s resume sounds human!
You can put a human voice in your resume, the same way Jane
did! Read Liz Ryan’s columns a...
What is Human Workplace?
Human Workplace is a publishing, coaching and
consulting firm. Our mission is to reinvent work fo...
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Let’s bring more of Jane How to Make Your Resume Sound Human

Let’s bring more of Jane across in her
new Human-Voiced Resume™!

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