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Indian migration to singapore 1819 to 1930s (images)


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Images of Indian Famine 1819 - 1930s

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Indian migration to singapore 1819 to 1930s (images)

  1. 1. Indian Migration to Singapore 1819 – 1930s
  2. 2. Willoughby Wallace Hooper | Wikimedia Commons/Wellcome Library Image Catalogue [Public Domain] Source 1: Indian Famine in Madras, 1876/1877
  3. 3. Inmates of a relief camp in Madras (during the famine of 1876-1878), by Willoughby Wallace Hooper. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons Source 2: Indian Famine in Madras, 1876/1877 Name: of photographer Willoughby Wallace Hooper Occupation: Amateur photographer serving in the 7th Madras Cavalry. In 1862, four years after his arrival in India, he was transferred to the 4th Cavalry in Saugor and Secunderbad Background to photographs: Hooper helped put together an 8 volume book titled The People of India originally started by Governor- General Charles Canning and his wife. Following the 1857 Indian Mutiny, the proposed volume became an official project under the India Office. Hooper contributed 450 over photographs and collaborated with another photographer George Western who together put together a photo studio called Hooper and Western.