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Logical Advantage Managed Internship Programs for IT


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Software Development and Consulting company, Logical Advantage, COO John Fread makes case for managed internship programs in IT environments. This is a case study of how these initiatives are helping close the IT talent gap.

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Logical Advantage Managed Internship Programs for IT

  1. 1. Interns and New Hire Mentorship
  2. 2. Overview • Avidxchange had not previously conducted an internship program • Logical Advantage provided leadership to plan, organize, and manage the program • The initial program was designed for undergraduate and graduate-level interns • The goal was to maximize the experience for the interns to ensure that all parties benefited from the program
  3. 3. Program • Logical Advantage spent two weeks prior to the arrival of the interns on site at Avidxchange to gain familiarity with the following: – Business Processes – Service Offerings – Technology Infrastructure – Code and Technologies – Corporate Culture
  4. 4. Program • Eight week program • Logical Advantage provided a mentor to Avidxchange • This mentor worked directly with, and managed the interns • This mentor was a senior developer
  5. 5. Program • The interns arrived with solid technical skills, basics • The interns had strong aptitude, but little real programming experience • The mentorship focused not only some of the missing technical skills, but on skills outside of technology
  6. 6. Program • The following were areas of focus for the mentor: – Critical thinking and problem solving skills – Troubleshooting skills – Teamwork and Collaboration – Professional communication skills
  7. 7. Program • Initially, development exercises were given to the interns to gauge their experience level. This not only focused on technology, but also the areas mentioned above, as well as process and methodology comprehension • After the initial exercises; concepts and technologies were introduced.
  8. 8. Program • Avidxchange’s product team held a series of meetings to identify suitable tasks that the interns would complete during their internship • These tasks were assigned to the interns. The LA Mentor was responsible for helping the interns, and performing code reviews
  9. 9. Program • By assigning real tasks to the interns, the interns provided real value to Avidxchange • With the mentors involvement, it ensured the tasks were completed as designed and expected • All tasks assigned were completed and became part of Avidxchange software
  10. 10. Keys to Success • Complete support from all levels at Avidxchange • Understanding the Company Culture • Inclusion of Interns in the project teams • Specific, focused Mentorship on a daily basis