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For the Common Good: Responding to the global pandemic with OER


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Presented at the ALTC Summer Summit in August 2020.

Published in: Education
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For the Common Good: Responding to the global pandemic with OER

  1. 1. For the Common Good Responding to the global pandemic with OER Lorna M. Campbell, OER Service, University of Edinburgh Mental Health Awareness Week 004, 'We have great stuff' colouring book, CC BY University of Edinburgh,
  2. 2. educational
  3. 3. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,
  4. 4. 1. Building capacity of stakeholders to create, access, re-use, adapt and redistribute OER 2. Developing supportive policy 3. Encouraging effective, inclusive and equitable access to quality OER 4. Nurturing the creation of sustainability models for OER 5. Promoting and reinforcing international cooperation UNESCO Recommendation on OER,
  5. 5. Old College, University of Edinburgh, CC BY 2.0, LWYang, on Wikimedia Commons
  6. 6. University of Edinburgh OER Policy • • Approved by Learning and Teaching Committee in January 2016. • Informative and permissive. • Encourages staff and students to use, create and publish OERs to enhance the quality of the student experience. • Helps colleagues make informed decisions about creating and using OER. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, Centre for Research Collections,
  7. 7. Open.Ed,
  8. 8. MVM OER, oers/?filter=college-of-medicine-and-veterinary-medicine
  9. 9. COVID-19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application
  10. 10. MSc in Critical Care,
  11. 11. David Griffith, Olga Paterson, Graham Nimmo, Lindsay Rutherford, MSc Critical Care Programme. CC BY-SA University of Edinburgh.
  12. 12. COVID-19 Critical Care,
  13. 13. Behind the scenes: building the COVID-19 Critical Care MOOC. CC BY, Lauren Johnston-Smith, University of Edinburgh,
  14. 14. Open Licensed PPE Production
  15. 15. 3D printed Verkstan PPE visors (edited version) for NHS,
  16. 16. 3D printed Verkstan PPE visors, edited by UCreateStudio, CC BY SA, University of Edinburgh.
  17. 17. The Appleton Tower Face Shield Factory, events/stories/2020/the-appleton-tower-face-shield-factory
  18. 18. Laser cutting face shields, CC BY SA, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh.
  19. 19. Open.Ed on Sketchfab
  20. 20. Free Short Online Courses
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  23. 23. Open Media Bank,
  24. 24. Free Teaching and Learning Resources for Home Schooling
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  26. 26. Pokemon Average Posters, CC BY Tomas Sanders, Kay Douglas and Rebecca Shannon, University of Edinburg, resource/pokemon-average- posters-11702759
  27. 27. OER downloads from Open.Ed on TES Resources,
  28. 28. GeoScience Outreach students, by Kay Douglas, University of Edinburgh.
  29. 29. Tomas Sanders, Open Content Curation Intern, CC BY, Lorna M. Campbell
  30. 30. Digital Skills for Hybrid Teaching
  31. 31. OER Service Digital Skills Programme
  32. 32. Will it Bite Me? CC BY, Stephanie (Charlie) Farley, University of Edinburgh
  33. 33. Caring for Mental Health and Wellbeing
  34. 34. Mental Health: A Global Priority
  35. 35. Mental Health & Wellbeing Booklet, CC BY-SA, Maria Teixeira- Dias, University of Edinburgh health-wellbeing-guidance- booklet/
  36. 36. we have great stuff, CC BY, University of Edinburgh -services/colouring-books
  37. 37. “Today we are at a pivotal moment in history. The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a paradigm shift on how learners of all ages, worldwide, can access learning. It is therefore more than ever essential that the global community comes together now to foster universal access to information and knowledge through OER.” ~ UNESCO Call for Joint Action: Supporting Learning and Knowledge Sharing through Open Educational Resources (OER)
  38. 38. With thanks to… Anne Aboaja, Narinder Bansal, Mike Boyd, Celine Caquineau, Stewart Cromar, Kay Douglas, Mayank Dutia, Charlie Farley, Lizzy Garner-Foy, Steve Gourlay, Liz Grant, David Griffith, David Hamilton, Douglas Howie, Garry Ellard, Gilbert Inkster, Jon Jack, Lauren Johnston-Smith, Stuart Nicol, Graham Nimmo, Olga Paterson, Lindsay Rutherford, Maria Teixeira-Dias, Colin Wilson, GeoScience Outreach students, Open Content Curation Interns, Interactive Content Team.
  39. 39. Contact Open.Ed @OpenEdEdinburgh CC BY, University of Edinburgh, unless otherwise indicated. Lorna M. Campbell @LornaMCampbell Stephanie (Charlie) Farley @SFarley_Charlie