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LinkedIn Training Schedule

Q3 LinkedIn Training Schedule

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LinkedIn Training Schedule

  1. 1. LinkedIn Workshops Very few know of over 200 LinkedIn Components and even less are aware of how to embrace the power of LinkedIn. It’s well known for recruiting & jobseekers but that’s only 25% of LinkedIn now! Accomplishing the 3-part series, you will be able to strategically use LinkedIn® to find customers, companies or relations and be soughtLinkedIn for Job Seekers out by them. Join our IA certified LinkedIn instructors for a hands-on with 7/26/12 Thur 2:15 – 5:30pm New Horizons LinkedIn®. We will teach many LinkedIn techniques that our TAB Business Owners and 13,000+ IA LinkedIn students are reaping the benefits.LinkedIn Essentials 5:45-8:00 pm FWBAC • LinkedIn Essentials are a must for new & experienced LinkedIn users. A strong LinkedIn® 7/10/12 Tues profile builds your professional brand, increases your credibility, positions you higher in 8/2/12 Fri 12:15-2:30pm New Horizons Google® searches, and makes you more attractive to do business with/more desirable 9/14/12 Thur 3:15 – 5:30pm New Horizons relationship. This workshop will help you to create a professional, eye catching profile that will put you ahead of your competition & avoid the “Gotcha’s”. It will distinguish you from LinkedIn millions of beginners on LinkedIn.Sales & Marketing Essentials • Prerequisite: LinkedIn login, password & basic profile. Visit 6/20/12 Wed 3:15 – 5:30pm New Horizons 7/24/12 Tues 5:45-8pm FWBAC • Teaches networking - how to get past gatekeepers for your company & you to get 8/16/12 Thur 3:15 – 5:30pm New Horizons to new contacts. It covers specific strategies for the most common selling 9/21/12 Thur 3:15 – 5:30pm New Horizons scenarios – hunting for business, named/targeted accounts, territories, vertical markets, business partners and sales channels. This course jump starts you onAdvanced Sales & Marketing - QTRLY your marketing plan with strategies for on-line branding, building your network Sales & and search engine optimization. 8/30/12 Thur 3:15 – 5:30pm New Horizons Marketing • Prerequisite: LinkedIn Essentials; Min: 5 Groups, 50 Connections *FWBAC: Ft.Worth Business Assistance CenterRegister at: • Teaches those responsible for bringing in business how to use the LinkedIn® tools Make sure "LinkedIn Training" is in to more effectively to make more money for your company & you. You will learn quotes how to embed your brochures/resume, a video, blog and more. Leveraging several Internet Explorer Ver 9 is required social medias will be key. Not to mention, we’ll make sure that you are using new to show classes features in LinkedIn, that have been added since your prior training. ADVANCED Sales • Prerequisite: Sales & Marketing is required. No beginners. OR use FireFox browser & MarketingTo Register for most classes: “Linked In for Me” Jun 20th – FreeEarly Bird Bonuses / Discounts 4 Days JobSeeker SessionPrior….. $79 Ask for details