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Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing - Basics , IoT, Digitalization, Big data, Analytics, Lean Production
Guestlecture @Hochschule Aschaffenburg

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Smart Manufacturing

  1. 1. DXC Proprietary and Confidential June 28, 2017 Smart Manufacturing M. Sc. Lukas Ott Sommersemester 2017 Hochschule Aschaffenburg
  2. 2. June 28, 2017 2DXC Proprietary and Confidential Thrive on change CSC and HPE Enterprise Services brought innovation to clients for 60+ years Together, we serve nearly 6,000 private and public sector enterprises across 70 countries Our clients benefit from our technology independence, global talent, expertise and extensive partner network We are uniquely positioned to lead digital transformations, creating greater value for our people, clients and partners DXC Technology is the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company. We guide clients on their digital transformation journeys, multiply their capabilities, and help them harness the power of innovation to thrive on change.
  4. 4. June 28, 2017 4DXC Proprietary and Confidential Agenda • Smart manufacturing • ISA 95 – Unternehmensebenen • Short Interval Technology (SIT) • Diskussionsrunde “Die Zukunft der Produktion”
  5. 5. June 28, 2017 5DXC Proprietary and Confidential Smart manufacturing • Big data processing • Advanced robotics • Industrial connectivity devices and services • Cyber Physical Systems
  6. 6. June 28, 2017 6DXC Proprietary and Confidential Smart Connected Manufacturing Three strategic options for digitalisation in manufacturing industries Expand the top line Connected Customer eXperience Defend the core Connected Operations Excellence Exploit the opportunities Connected Business Models Digital Industry Services marketplaces Product-as-a-Service new offerings Startup – Scaleup – Incumbent innovation networks Connected Product business ecosystems Physical & Digital (Value Networks) Product Development Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain Operations Service Chain Operations Manage Business Marketing and Sales Applications Knowledge Data-Driven Services “smart” Functions Core Product ++ Usability & Innovation (Customer Touchpoints) • Enhanced efficiency through greater automation • Customized products at the cost of a mass- produced product • Higher revenues from digitally refined products • Access to new markets • Leverage internet business platform scale and speed • Collaborate with digital natives Digital Factory Digital Logistics Digital MRODigital TwinDigital Customer
  7. 7. June 28, 2017 7DXC Proprietary and Confidential Gartner Hypecycle - Explained
  8. 8. June 28, 2017 8DXC Proprietary and Confidential Gartner Hypecycle – Manufacturing - 2016 On the Rise Blockchain/ Distributed Ledgers in Supply Chain Execution Cyber Physical Systems Cognitive Expert Advisors Digital Twin Talent Science Digital Business Smart Robots At the Peak Machine Learning Predictive Analytics IT/OT Convergence and Alignment Sliding Into the Trough Cloud Computing in Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain Execution Convergence Internet of Things for Manufacturing Operations Manufacturing Segmentation 3D Printing in Manufacturing Operations Supply Planning Synchronized BOMs Corporate Social Responsibility Industrial Operational Intelligence Asset Performance Management Climbing the Slope Center of Excellence Lean Production Systems Supplier Quality External (Third-Party) Manufacturing Operational Technology Security Digital Manufacturing Mobility in Manufacturing Operations Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Track-and-Trace and Serialization Manufacturing Network Design
  9. 9. June 28, 2017 9DXC Proprietary and Confidential Iron Triangle of quality
  10. 10. June 28, 2017 10DXC Proprietary and Confidential Iron triangle of production
  11. 11. June 28, 2017 11DXC Proprietary and Confidential Production as control loop Input (article, amount, date, quality, costs, etc.) ruler production measuring element disturbances (technical/ organizational) article, amount, date, quality, costs, etc. - Source 2: Die perfekte Produktion
  12. 12. June 28, 2017 12DXC Proprietary and Confidential ISA 95 – Enterprise layers Business Planning & Logistics Manufacturing Operations Management
  13. 13. June 28, 2017 13DXC Proprietary and Confidential ISA 88 – Batch Controlled Production Design patterns for software, assets and processes
  14. 14. June 28, 2017 14DXC Proprietary and Confidential Control loop with ERP-system ERP-system production manual confirmation (day / shift) - Source 2: Die perfekte Produktion Input (article, amount, date, quality, costs, etc.) disturbances (technical/ organizational) article, amount, date, quality, costs, etc.
  15. 15. June 28, 2017 15DXC Proprietary and Confidential Control loop with MES-system production MES-system data acquisition (real- time) ERP- system - MES-system Short-term. control - Short-term data Long-term data and evaluations, production acknowledgment Source 2: Die perfekte Produktion Input (article, amount, date, quality, costs, etc.) disturbances (technical/ organizational) article, amount, date, quality, costs, etc.
  16. 16. June 28, 2017 16DXC Proprietary and Confidential Automation pyramide ERP / PPS MES Automation Mid-term Real-time & technology Machine- level APS System control Source 3: MES- Fig1.2
  17. 17. June 28, 2017 17DXC Proprietary and Confidential Manufacturing techniques 1. molding (e.g. casting, sintering , 3D-printing) 2. forming (e.g. stamping, rolling, bending) 3. chopping (e.g. sawing, drilling, milling) 4. joining (e.g. welding, soldering, bonding) 5. coating (e.g. painting, varnishing) 6. change material property (e.g. hardening, tempering, baking, curing, annealing)
  18. 18. June 28, 2017 18DXC Proprietary and Confidential Job-shop manufacturing Examplary for one product A process 2 cutting process 1 pressing process 3 screwing process 6 painting process 4 process 5
  19. 19. June 28, 2017 19DXC Proprietary and Confidential Flow production process 2 cutting process 1 pressing process 3 screwing process 4 painting
  20. 20. June 28, 2017 20DXC Proprietary and Confidential Group manufacturing cuttingpressing screwing painting Group 1 Group 2
  21. 21. June 28, 2017 21DXC Proprietary and Confidential Make-to-Order / Engineer-to-Order Station B Cutting Station A Pressing Station C Screwing Station D Painting
  22. 22. June 28, 2017 22DXC Proprietary and Confidential Short Interval Technology • Lean Production (Schlanke Produktionsprozesse) • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) • Lean Planning (Schlanke Planungsabläufe) • Manufacturing Scorecard (Prozessorientierte Kennzahlen)
  23. 23. June 28, 2017 23DXC Proprietary and Confidential The weak points of classical production • to strong focus on individual processes • lacking transparency • lacking quality • lacking efficiency • exaggerated inventory • long cycle times • bad adherence to delivery dates
  24. 24. June 28, 2017 24DXC Proprietary and Confidential Individual processes – horizontal isolation
  25. 25. June 28, 2017 25DXC Proprietary and Confidential Functional level – vertical isolation
  26. 26. June 28, 2017 26DXC Proprietary and Confidential The building blocks for perfect production • clarification of status quo • lean production processes • lean information sequences • process oriented operating figures • Near real-time availability of information (data-centric approach) • Manufacturing Execution System • Advanced Analytics • OEE – Index = availability rate * performance rate * quality rate
  27. 27. June 28, 2017 27DXC Proprietary and Confidential Lean Production 1. over production 2. waiting time 3. transportation 4. inefficient processing 5. inventory 6. needless movement 7. errors Waste through lacking staff integration and motivation Waste through bad information interfaces
  28. 28. June 28, 2017 28DXC Proprietary and Confidential Increase of machine and factory productivity • 5S-methode • Seiri (sort out) • Seiton (adjust) • Seiso (clean) • Seiktesu (standardize) • Shitsuke (self-discipline) • Setup Time Reduction (SMED) • observe, measure and document • classify in internal and external tasks • eliminate unnecessary tasks • document and train
  29. 29. June 28, 2017 29DXC Proprietary and Confidential Increase of machine and factory productivity • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) • removal of main focus issues • autonomous maintenance • planed maintenance • preventive maintenance • education and training of the staff • Optimization of the value stream • orientation on the customer pulse • introduction of flow production (One Piece Flow) • introduction of FIFO or KANBAN-supermarkets
  30. 30. June 28, 2017 30DXC Proprietary and Confidential Support of the continuous improvement processes
  31. 31. June 28, 2017 31DXC Proprietary and Confidential Target-oriented process improvement • focus on the overall process • increase of transparency • improvement of quality • increase of machine and workstation efficiency • reduction of inventory • reduction of cycle times • improvement of delivery dates • effective staff integration
  32. 32. June 28, 2017 32DXC Proprietary and Confidential Corporate management for data collection
  33. 33. June 28, 2017 33DXC Proprietary and Confidential Digital Twin
  34. 34. June 28, 2017 34DXC Proprietary and Confidential Production control as a control loop – detailed view
  35. 35. June 28, 2017 35DXC Proprietary and Confidential Integration of the software landscape into the company caption: CAD Computer Aided Design CAE Computer Aided Engineering CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing DIS Distribution DMS Document Management System ERP Enterprise Resource Planning FIN Finance MES Manufacturing Execution System NC Numerical Control PDM Product Data Management PLM Product Lifecycle Management PPS Product Planning and Scheduling
  36. 36. June 28, 2017 36DXC Proprietary and Confidential The integrated production database
  37. 37. June 28, 2017 37DXC Proprietary and Confidential
  38. 38. June 28, 2017 38DXC Proprietary and Confidential Interfaces with higher-level sytems
  39. 39. June 28, 2017 39DXC Proprietary and Confidential
  40. 40. June 28, 2017 40DXC Proprietary and Confidential Conflicting objectives in production planning Low set-up costs Constant capacity load utilization High degree of on- time delivery performance Low work in progress Individual goal
  41. 41. June 28, 2017 41DXC Proprietary and Confidential ORGANIZATION: Focuses on the people within the enterprise: their culture, their capabilities, their roles, their team structures, and their organizational units LOCATION: Specifies where the enterprise does business, both in terms of geographic location types and in terms of specific physical facilities at specific locations BUSINESS PROCESS: Addresses what the enterprise does, how it does it, in what sequence it does it, what rules it follows, and what type of results it obtains TECHNOLOGY: Identifies the hardware, system software, and communications components used to support the entire enterprise APPLICATION: Encompasses the capabilities, structure, and user interface of software provided to the business users DATA: Addresses the content, structure, relationships, and business data rules surrounding information the enterprise retains permanently P O L D A T Domains of Change in a Holistic Perspective
  42. 42. June 28, 2017 42DXC Proprietary and Confidential Diskussionsrunde „Die Zukunft der Produktion“ Einfluss von Maschine Learning
  43. 43. June 28, 2017 43DXC Proprietary and Confidential Outlook and abstract Smart manufacturing Short Interval Technology Future of manufacturing
  44. 44. June 28, 2017 44DXC Proprietary and Confidential Thank you! Questions? Feedback!
  45. 45. June 28, 2017 45DXC Proprietary and Confidential Sources • Drucker-fuer-den-Massenmarkt-3679027.html • Die perfekte Produktion, Springer Vieweg, ISBN 978-3-662-45440-4 • Manufacturing Execution Systems – MES, Springer, ISBN 978-3-540-49743-1 • • •
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