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Foreword In April 2015, Luminary The Human Company Playbook, Version 1.0


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In April 2015, Luminary Labs convened a
broad cross-section of founders, thinkers,
and doers for a lively discussion on how
employee-favorable policies are shaping
21st century business models.
Recently, major corporations have radically
rethought how they do business by estab-
lishing livable wages, developing creative
equity plans, offering paid parental leave
policies, and even pulling out of an entire
state in protest of discrimination. In addition
to sending a strong signal that people come
first, these organizations are also making
an economic argument to investors that
employee-­friendly policies pay dividends in
reduced turnover and improved business
outcome. But what about small companies,
and what about startups?
Over the course of the evening, we discussed
the forces behind this sea change, generated
examples of new and creative business imper-
atives, and together, started writing a guide
for the more human company. Follow­ing the
event, we curated examples from a diverse
set of growth companies to form this play-
book. While no single policy or company
is perfect, it is our hope that this compila-
tion will provide practical examples for the
startup community.
We see this playbook as a living document,
and look forward to hearing how your com­
pany is meeting this 21st century mandate.
Sara Holoubek
CEO & Founder
Luminary Labs

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