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“It is critically important that everyone in the
organization understand what goes into
making our clients happy to keep us aligned
as an organization and empathetic to the
needs of our colleagues who work in the field.”
Managed by QEveryone Cleans
400 employees, founded in 2013
At Managed by Q, everybody cleans. Whether
joining as a software engineer or an office
cleaner, the first week on the job begins with
learning how to clean an office late into the
night. This policy ensures that the entire com­
pany, regardless of position, stays aligned
and acutely aware of the hard work required
of their field operators for Q to succeed.
Management has embraced this policy as
central to the company culture. They also put
a big focus on promoting from within: all
of Managed by Q’s supervisors have been
promoted from entry-level roles, and it’s not
unusual for cleaners to move up the ranks.

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