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Bibliography Benefits Design “How Google The Human Company Playbook, Version 1.0


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Benefits Design
“How Google weighs all of its crazy-
awesome perks,” Business Insider. Jillian
D’Onfro, 04/07/15
Allowing for Life
“The Return of the nine-to-five,” The Economist,
“Silicon Valley: Perks for some employees,
struggles for parents,” New York Times,
Claire Cain Miller, 04/04/15
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Washington Post, Jena McGregor, 03/06/15
“Work Hard, Live Well,” Medium, Dustin
Moskovitz, Dustin Moskovitz, 08/20/15
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Anne-Marie Slaughter, 09/18/15
“How our Small Startup Affords to Offer
Paid Maternity Leave,” Mary Ellen Slater,
“Beyond doing half the Parenting,” Anil Dash,
“The Great Divide in Workplace Benefits,”
New York Times, 09/23/15
“Getting Creative About Benefits for Parents
with Midweek ‘Playdates,’” David Zax,
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