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Compliance made easy: Lynx webinar #1


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The main objective of the Lynx research and innovation project is to create an ecosystem of smart cloud services to better manage compliance, based on a Legal Knowledge Graph (LKG) that integrates and links multilingual and heterogeneous compliance data sources including legislation, case law, standards, regulations and other private contracts, besides others.
This webinar is the kick off of a webinar series of in total 4 webinars taking place between December 2020 and March 2021 (Webinar 1: Lynx overview, Webinar 2: Business Cases, Webinar 3: Technology of Lynx, Webinar 4: The Lynx Services) as well as a virtual event taking place on 17th of March 2021, 09.30 - 12.00pm CET including panel discussions and expert sessions on Lynx related topics (knowledge graphs, legaltech, compliance solutions, etc).

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Compliance made easy: Lynx webinar #1

  1. 1. BUILDING THE LEGAL KNOWLEDGE GRAPH FOR SMART COMPLIANCE SERVICES IN MULTILINGUAL EUROPE Lynx - Compliance made easy Legal Knowledge Graph for Multilingual Compliance Services Webinar: Lynx overall introduction 10/12/2020, 10.30am-11.30am CET
  2. 2. Agenda • The Lynx project - 10’ Elena Montiel Ponsoda, Lynx project lead, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid • A Knowledge Graph: What is this & what is it good for - 10’ Martin Kaltenböck, Lynx Innovation Manager, Co-Founder and CFO of Semantic Web Company, SWC • The Lynx Legal Knowledge Graph Model - 10’ Victor Rodriguez Doncel, Lynx Scientific Manager, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid • 3 Pilots of Lynx: labor law, contract mgnt, geothermal energy - 10’ Christian Sageder, Managing Director, Cybly GmbH • Lynx Services Platform (LySP): Architecture & Services - 10’ Artem Revenko, Director of Research & Innovation, SWC • Questions & Answers - 10’
  3. 3. The Lynx project ICT14-2016-2017 (IA) Innovation action Pillar: Industrial Leadership Work Programme Year: H2020-2016-2017 Work Programme Part: Information and Communication Technologies TOPIC : Big Data PPP: cross-sectorial and cross-lingual data integration and experimentation Duration: 40 months Starting date: 1st December 2017 Estimated Project Cost: €3,638,065.00 Requested EU Contribution: €2,959,247.52 Project Officer: Johan BODENKAMP/Pierre-Paul SONDAG
  4. 4. The Lynx consortium
  5. 5. Our Aim
  6. 6. Our Mission Smart services to better manage compliance LKG of European legal and regulatory open data Multilingual and multijurisdictional data
  7. 7. Our Pilots Contracts Analysis Labour Law Geothermal Energy Compliance
  8. 8. Legal Knowledge Graph “ Graphs form the foundation of data fabrics and knowledge graphs, explainable AI and can accelerate ML and AI model performance. Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics, 2020 Gartner Inc. (Rita Sallam et al.) What Is Driving the Top 10 Data & Analytics Technology Trends?
  9. 9. Why Knowledge Graphs - what’s the problem? 1. Knowledge graphs (KGs) bring unstructured and structured data together. 2. KGs are the ultimate linking engine for (enterprise) data management. 3. KGs automatically generate unified views of heterogeneous and initially unconnected data sources, such as Customer 360. 4. KGs provide reusable data sets to be used in analytics platforms or to train machine learning algorithms. 5. KGs help with the dismantling of data silos. A semantic data fabric is the basis for more detailed analyses. 6. Knowledge graphs are an efficient way to work together.
  10. 10. What is an (Enterprise) Knowledge Graph (EKG)? An Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) contains business objects and topics that are closely linked, classified, semantically enriched, and connected to existing data and documents.
  11. 11. “ Poor data quality is the unintended consequence of data silos and poor data & analytics governance* *GARTNER, INC: ‘THINK BIG, START SMALL, BE PREPARED — MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT’, SALLY PARKER AND SIMON WALKER, OCTOBER 2019 Knowledge Graphs are Infrastructure
  12. 12. The Knowledge Graph Cookbook ▸ What are the three core principles of semantic AI—FAIR, XAI, HITL—and how they fit together? ▸ What are the ingredients, various roles, techniques, and basic recipes in order to cook a knowledge graph? ▸ How to get started with your knowledge graph project? ▸ What is a data catalog and a semantic data fabric—and how can you benefit from them? ▸ How could the future of knowledge technologies and AI—in a post-corona society—look like?
  13. 13. The Knowledge Graph Cookbook ▸ 1st edition, available from April 2020 ▸ Available in 3 versions • Free PDF • Kindle edition (EUR 9.99 or ) • Paperback ▸ Based on more than 20 years of industry experience ▸ 256 pages (7 chapters + addendum) ▸ 49 infographics ▸ 177 bibliographic references ▸ 11 Expert interviews
  14. 14. The Legal Knowledge Graph How to represent multilingual, multijurisdictional annotated documents from different domains (law, standards…)? Before Lynx…. Identification and description: - ELI in EU and some member states - Different identifiers in other member states - Different for non-legislation Content structuring: - CEN Metalex, Akoma Ntoso (LegalDocML) in some countries - AKN4EU still draft, different formats for other legislations - ... and for other document types Annotations: - NIF prevailing, no consisting JSON-LD described
  15. 15. The Legal Knowledge Graph The idea of Lynx document: • One single data structure • Data model is the LKG ontology • Able to be validated with RDF Shapes • Standard JSON-LD version • Annotated with NIF
  16. 16. The Legal Knowledge Graph
  17. 17. The Legal Knowledge Graph Beyond … • Graph of documents • ...linked to terminological data • ...linked to other local entities • ...linked to other external entities
  18. 18. Pilots • Geothermal Energy Compliance, DNV.GL • Labor law, Cuatrecasas • Contract Analysis, Cybly
  19. 19. Geothermal Energy Compliance • Problem space • fragmented landscape of sources (legislation and regulations) in multiple languages • changing regulation • Solution space • demonstrate how comprehensive legal taxonomies, help the user to find and select relevant regulatory documents • semantic similarity between the user's document and the collected documents • improve the accessibility and discoverability of data
  20. 20. Labor Law • Problem space • fragmented landscape of sources (legislation and regulations) in multiple languages (in the labour domain) • changing regulation • Solution space • demonstrate how search and Q&A can help the user to find the correct answer to a legal question
  21. 21. Contract Analysis • Problem space • spreaded information of contract related information within companies in different formats and systems / locations • Solution space • harvesting documents in different formats, eg. pdf, doc, email • demonstrate how annotations, help the user to find and select relevant documents • arrange documents in multiple dimensions • improve the discoverability of documents
  22. 22. LySP Services 16 Services: • 7 Enrichment • 5 Annotation • 2 Conversion • 4 Search and Information Retrieval • 2 Vocabulary • 3 Platform
  23. 23. Annotation Services
  24. 24. Conversion Services
  25. 25. Search and Information Retrieval
  26. 26. Vocabulary Services
  27. 27. Platform Services
  29. 29. Key Principles 1. Token-based OAuth2 protocol for authorization together with the centralized access control and authorization rules management based on Keycloak, 2. LynxDocument schema, 3. Containerized deployment in an orchestrated application platform, 4. Workflow manager based on Camunda, 5. LinkedDataPlatform-inspired document manager, 6. Common rules for the development of web APIs — REST + API gateway patterns.
  30. 30. Lynx Webinar Series • Webinar 1: Lynx overall introduction When: 10.12.2020, 10.30am CET (1 hour) Registration: • Webinar 2: 3 Business Cases on top of the Lynx Legal Knowledge Graph When: 14.1.2021, 10.30am CET Registration: • Webinar 3: The Lynx Services Platform (LySP) - Part 1: Overview When: 11/02/2021, 11.30am CET Registration: • Webinar 4: The Lynx Services Platform (LySP) - Part 2: The Services When: 18/02/2021, 10.30am CET Registration: • Final Event: Lynx - Compliance made easy When: 17/03/2020; 09.30 - 12.00pm CET Registration:
  31. 31. CONTACTS CONSORTIUM Please raise your Questions now…. CONSORTIUM
  32. 32. VISION LySP makes compliance easy for SMEs and large corporations in their internationalisation efforts, by leveraging and interlinking European legal and regulatory open data and incorporating a set of cross-sectoral, cross-lingual digital services.
  33. 33. MISSION Provide an ecosystem of smart cloud services to make compliance easy, based on a Legal Knowledge Graph
  34. 34. TESTIMONIALS “The Lynx project touches upon an important and emerging topic demonstrated through a very high engagement rate of our audience. The way the geothermal sector deals with data and information will be key for actual geothermal development on the ground.” Gregor Rumberg, Technical Director International Geothermal Association