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Can We Add Photo Gallery to Our Products


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Magento Photo Gallery Extension ( ) allows you to add image galleries for your products. You can add multiple images to your products

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Can We Add Photo Gallery to Our Products

  1. 1. Can we Import Image galleries to our Products?
  2. 2. Yes We Can
  3. 3. Why You Need to Import Pictures to your products
  4. 4. You Need it Because
  5. 5. You Need it Because
  6. 6. You Need it Because • It Save your Customers time in order to understand your products • It Creates Customers interest to read your product information in image form
  7. 7. How It Is Possible
  8. 8. How It Is Possible • There are many Module for this purpose. If you are running Magento based Store then you can use Image Gallery Module by FMEfor your Magento Store.
  9. 9. Features of Photo Gallery Extension • It allows you to add images to your products. • You can create Image Galleries and can associate it with your products
  10. 10. Features of Photo Gallery Extension A) Shows Photo Gallery B) Photo Gallery Name C) Display Events D) Status and a link to Edit the Photo Gallery