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Customer Service


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Customer service is a necessary part of any job. There are some important parts to dealing with customers, and for handling the situation when someone is angry.

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Customer Service

  1. 1. Sponsored in part by the Workforce Development Agency, State of Michigan, Michigan Works!, through your local Workforce Development Board and Muskegon County Board of Commissioners. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities EEO/ADA/Employer/Programs - TTY# - 711. Customer Service
  2. 2. In today’s competitive business world, it’s sometimes all too easy for companies to get caught up in endless examinations of ways to increase productivity, boost sales, and streamline for maximum efficiency.
  3. 3. …Sometimes this focus takes away from a focus on good customer service, and good customer service will always be the backbone of any business that works with people—which means all businesses!
  4. 4. “… the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customer's expectations.” by ACA Group If we are going to consistently exceed customers’ expectations, we have to recognize that every aspect of business has an impact on customer service.
  5. 5. Where is Customer Service delivered?  On the phone  Face-to-face interaction  Taking orders  Social Media  Providing information  Email  Selling or providing products and/or services  Scheduling appointments  Delivering or installing products  Repairing and troubleshooting  The list goes on and on!
  6. 6. How is excellent Customer Service delivered?  Appearance  Attitude  Positivity is a learned behavior  Use empathy  Put yourself in the customer’s shoes  Friendliness  Response-ability  Take action to solve the problem  Go the extra mile
  7. 7. “Customer service is just a day in, day out, ongoing, never-ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate type of activity.” Leon Gorman, CEO L.L. Bean
  8. 8. Commitment  A pledge to service and teamwork  Keeping your promises
  9. 9. Team Thinking “My actions affect everyone in my organization.”
  10. 10. Communication  Active listening  Positive responses  Empathy
  11. 11. Communication  Get to the bottom of what the customer is looking for  Really make them feel heard and understood
  12. 12. Service  A personal commitment to make a difference  Know your stuff—you should be a paid expert
  13. 13. Tips for Good Customer Service:  Smile and be friendly  Use a customer’s name if you know it  Welcome the customer to your business  Introduce yourself  Ask “How may I help you?”  Listen!  Focus on the customer and value them “Treat every customer as if they sign your paycheck…because they do.” Unknown
  14. 14. 1. “I don’t know.” 2. “We can’t do that.” 3. “You’ll have to…” 4. “Hang on, I’ll be right back.” 5. “No” at the beginning of any sentence. 1. “That’s a good question, let me find out.” 2. “Let’s see what we can do.” 3. “The next time that happens, here’s what we can do…” 4. “It may take me a few minutes to find out. Are you able to wait while I check?” 5. “While we may not be able to do that, here’s what we can do…” DangerPhrases BetterPhrasing
  15. 15. Four common traits of great Customer Service providers: Empathy Customers need someone who can relate to their problems and show real interest in helping them. Responsiveness Customers don’t want to be treated like an interruption. They want attention, action, and to feel important, no matter how much they spend. Assurance Customers want to feel that their needs will be met and promises will be kept. Motivation You need a strong desire to succeed. This gives you a better chance at employment and promotion.
  16. 16. Handling an angry customer 1. Keep calm 2. Listen carefully to the complaint 3. Repeat the complaint back to make sure you understand the problem 4. Apologize that it happened 5. Acknowledge the customer’s feelings 6. Explain what action you will take to correct the problem 7. Thank the customer for bringing the problem to your attention If the customer is still unhappy, get help from your supervisor.
  17. 17.  Competition and repeat business  External customers
  18. 18. Effects of Poor Customer Service:  Loss of 25% or more of the company’s business  Dissatisfied customers will tell at least 10 others not to shop at that business  Those people will tell about 5 others All this can happen because ONE employee made ONE customer unhappy.
  19. 19. Keeping customers is important!  Depending on the industry, the cost of poor customer service can be three to ten times as much as good customer service  Market research shows it costs about five times as much to attract a new customer through promotions and advertising  “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” -Jeff Bezos
  20. 20. No company can survive without repeat business!  Returning customers account for about 85% of total sales  In other words: for every $100 in sales, $85 was spent by a repeat customer
  21. 21. “Good customer service is all about bringing customers back and about sending them away happy.” - Susan Ward, Guide
  22. 22. When there’s a problem… “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” -Donald Porter, former V.P. of British Airways
  23. 23. When There Is a Problem  Acknowledge that a problem exists  Do not view the problem as a personal attack  Ask questions to understand the problem  Listen to the answers without interruption and show interest and concern  Clarify and verify by repeating the situation  Simplify the problem by focusing on facts and documenting a relevant chain of events  Find the root cause of the problem  Offer solution options to the customer  Agree on a solution  Follow up with the customer
  24. 24.  Organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and morale  Internal Customers
  25. 25. Excellence from the inside out!  Internal Customers: people who work within your organization  All the customer service principles you use for external customers should also be used for internal customers  Treat everyone with respect  Be professional and show pride in your organization
  26. 26. Customer Service is not a department… …it’s an Attitude!
  27. 27. We hope you found this information helpful. Check us out at • Give us any questions/comments/concerns • See our workshop schedule • Learn more about Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana Like what you saw?
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