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Parts of a plant/plant life cycle (teach)

Basic presentation of the parts of a plant and of the life cycle of plants. Pitched at about the 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade level. Lots of descriptive pictures and diagrams.

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Parts of a plant/plant life cycle (teach)

  1. 1. Parts of a Plant andThe Life Cycle of a Plant
  2. 2. Parts of a Plant
  3. 3. Parts of a Plant• Roots hold the plant in the soil so it doesn’t blow away. They also take in water.
  4. 4. Parts of a Plant• The stem holds up the plant and carries water from the roots to the leaves.
  5. 5. Parts of a Plant• The leaves use light from the Sun, carbon dioxide from the air and the water taken in by the roots to make food for the plant.
  6. 6. Parts of a Plant• The plant’s flowers make seeds. Flower 
  7. 7. • Dandelion flower and seeds.
  8. 8. Parts of a Seed• Seed Coat– protects seed • Embryo (baby plant) —beginning leaves, • Cotyledon—stored food stem and root Embryo —baby plant
  9. 9. Seeds• Seeds are formed in the center part of the flower or in the fruit. Fruits come from flowers.• Seeds come in many shapes and sizes.• Plants grow from seeds.
  10. 10. If a seed receives water and gets warm, thebaby plant (embryo) inside it starts to grow.The process of a baby plant beginningto grow is called germination. We saythe seed germinates or sprouts. The first part of the plant we see pushing its way out of the seed coat is the root.
  11. 11. Here we seepictures of abean seed anda corn seedgerminating(sprouting) andgrowing intoplants withroots, stemsand leaves.
  12. 12. Here is aspeeded uppicture of abean seedgerminatingandgrowing.
  13. 13. After the seedgerminates (sprouts)and grows into anadult plant, the plantflowers.It is the flower thatmakes seeds fornew plants to growand develop.This process from seed to adult plant toflower to seed is called:
  14. 14. The seeds are The seed absorbsThe scattered— ready to grow.makeseeds. The root pushes through the seed coat. Life Cycle of a Bean Plant The seedling The stem (new plant) and its grows out of leaves grow the ground. toward the sunlight. The leaves make food for the plant.
  15. 15. Here isanotherdiagramof thelifecycle ofa plant
  16. 16. Here isthe lifecycle ofa tree.
  17. 17. How a Seed Grows into a New Plant• The life of a plant begins as a seed.• Once a seed is watered and warmed, it germinates.• The root pushes through the seed coat.• The roots of the seedling grow down into the soil and the leaves and stem push out of the ground.• The stem and its leaves grow toward the sunlight.• The leaves make the plant’s food.• The flowers form and bloom.• New seeds are formed inside the flower or within the fruit that comes after the flower dies• The seeds are scattered and wait to start growing.
  18. 18. Two useful websites next one is a exercise on the things that are necessary for a seedto germinate.
  19. 19. Remember…When the embryo (baby plant) insidethe seed begins to grow, we say theseed sprouts or germinates. The young plant that grows from a seed is the seedling.The seedling grows into an adultplant and flowers.The flowers produce seeds.
  20. 20. Let’s Review!
  21. 21. 1. The parts of a plants are the a.r_ _ ts b.st_ _ s c.l_ _ _es d.fl_ _ _ers roots stems leaves flowers
  22. 22. 2. What do plants need to grow?a. c _ _ _ _on dioxide from the _ _ _b. w _ _ _ _c. l _ gh_ from the _ _ _a. carbon dioxide from the airb. waterc. light from the Sun
  23. 23. 3. Roots of a planta. take in sunlightb. take in water from the soilc. hold the plant in the soil so it does not blow awayd. Both b and c
  24. 24. 4. The stem of a planta. takes in sunlightb. takes in water from the soilc. carries the water from the roots to the leavesd. holds the seeds
  25. 25. 5. A plant need leaves toa. take in sunlightb. take in carbon dioxide from the airc. make foodd. all of the above
  26. 26. 6. The flowers of a planta. take in sunlightb. make seeds for the plantc. carry the water from the roots to the leavesd. take in water from the soil
  27. 27. 6. Seeds are important to the plant because theya. take in sunlightb. take in water from the soilc. make new plantsd. make food for the plant
  28. 28. Inside a seed, there is a. a tiny leaf, root and stem b. a flower c. stored food d. both a and c
  29. 29. Starting with the seed (number 1), number theplant’s life cycle in the correct order. 1.
  30. 30. Congratulations!You have learned about the parts of a plant, about seeds, and about a plant’s life cycle.