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Competency Mapping


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Understanding of Competency mapping

Published in: Business
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Competency Mapping

  1. 1. C O M P E T E N C Y M A P P I N G
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Competence Performance ManagingChange CompetencyMapping:Atool
  4. 4. CONCEPT OF ROLE Expectationsofsignificantothersandself Linkingconcept • • • Individual Team organization Differentfromposition
  5. 5. CONCEPT OF COMPETENCY Skill: • Abilityaccomplish Talent: • Inherentability Competency: • • Underlinecharacteristicsthatgiverisetoskill accomplishment Knowledge,skill and attitude
  6. 6. DEFINITION FirstpopularizedbyBoyatzis(1982)withResearch resultonclustersof competencies: “Acapacitythatexistsinapersonthatleadsto behaviourthatmeetsthejobdemandswithin parametersoforganizationalenvironment,andthat, inturnbringsaboutdesired results”
  7. 7. COMPETENCYVs.COMPETENCE Competency:Aperson-relatedconceptthatrefers tothedimensionsofbehaviourlyingbehind competentperformer. Competence:Awork-relatedconceptthatrefersto areasofwork atwhichthepersoniscompetent Competencies:Oftenreferredasthecombination oftheabovetwo.Ex:UKorganizations Woodruffe(1991)
  8. 8. TYPES OF COMPETENCIES Genericor specific: Thresholdor performance: Basiccompetenciesrequiredtodothejob,whichdonot differentiate betweenhighandlowperformers Performancecompetenciesarethosethatdifferentiate betweenhighandlowperformers Differentiating Competencies: Behavioralcharacteristicsthathighperformers display
  9. 9. COMPETENCIES APPLICATIONS Competencyframeworks:Definethecompetency requirementsthatcoverallthekeyjobsinan organization.Thisconsistsofgenericcompetencies. Competencymaps:Describethedifferentaspectsof competentbehaviourinanoccupationagainst competencydimensionssuchasstrategiccapability, resourcemanagementandquality. Competencyprofiles:Asetofcompetenciesthatare requiretoperformaspecifiedrole. Armstrong(1999)
  10. 10. MACRO VIEW OF COMPETENCY MANAGEMENT Organizational Strategy Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic, Intent, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics BusinessStrategy Business Plan & Goals, Culture People, Technology Teamwork Strategy Leadership, Communication Conflict Management, Interpersonal Skills, Project Orientation, Self Managed Teams (SMT) Role Strategy Ability, Autonomy, Multiskilling, Task identity, Performance Evaluation & rewards and performance development Core Competencies (Organizational wide) Business Competencies (SBU specific) Team Competencies (Project driven) Role Competencies (Role wise) Stakeholder Interest Market Positioning Achieving BusinessTargets Employee Satisfaction Profit Center Orientations Team Development & Synergy Performance Accomplishment Individual Development STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK COMPETENCY MODELING FRAMEWORK MG Jomon.(2004). Unpublished
  11. 11. PROGRAM DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION : THE MODEL COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK 1. 2. Core competencies (Organizationwide Business competencies 3. 4. (SBU specific) Team Competencies (project driven) Role competencies(Role wise) COMPETENCY IDENTIFICATION 1. 2. 3. 4. Identification process (4 steps) Consolidation of checklist Rank Order and finalization Validation and Benchmark COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT 1. Psycho-metric tool 2. 360 Degree approach COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT 1. 2. 3. Maturity framework& matrix Areas of improvement Action Plan COMPETENCY MAPPING 1. 2. Strategy-Structure Congruence Structure Role 3. Congruence Vertical & horizontal Role linkages 4. Positioning to bring in competitive advantage INTEGRATION OF HR FUNCTION 5. R&S 6. RS 1. 2. 3. 4. PMS CP & CD SP & SD T&D MG Jomon.(2003). Unpublished
  12. 12. COMPETENCY MODELING Less rigour More rigour COMPETENCIES:(Core,Business,Team,Role) CRITERIA: Validity, Applicability, Speed, Satisfaction MG Jomon.(2004). Unpublished
  13. 13. ROLE COMPETENCIES Asetof competencies requiredtoperformagiven role Eachcompetencyhasaskill set Dr. MG Jomon, XIMB
  14. 14. IDENTIFICATION OF ROLE COMPETENCIES Structureandlist of roles Definitionof roles Jobdescription Competencyrequirement
  15. 15. STRUCTURE AND LIST OF ROLES: STEPS Organizationalstructurestudyand examination Listall therolesinthe structure Identifyredundantandoverlapping roles Finallist of roles
  16. 16. DEFINITIONOFROLE:STEPS IdentifyKPAsoftherole LinktheKPAswithDept.andOrganizational goals Statethecontentoftheabovein oneortwosentences Positiontheroleinperspectivewiththatof others
  17. 17. JOBDESCRIPTION:STEPS Listdownall theactivities/tasks • smalland big • Routineand Creative Categorizeactivitiesundermajor heads
  18. 18. COMPETECNY IDENTIFICATION: STEPS Identifyagainsteachactivitythe following: Roleholderinterviewandlisting Internal/Externalcustomerinterviewandlisting Starperformerinterviewandlisting Roleholdercriticalincident analysis Consolidatetheaboveandmakeachecklistof competencies Rank-orderandfinalizeon5/6competenciescriticaltothe role
  19. 19. COMPETENCY ASESSMENT Followingmethodsare used: Assessment/DevelopmentCentre 360Degree feedback Roleplays Casestudy StructuredExperiences Simulations BusinessGames
  20. 20. COMPETENCY ASESSMENT 360degree approach: Self others • • Internal/ExternalCustomers Boss/peers/Subordinate
  21. 21. COMPTENCY DEVELOPMENT Role Identified competencies Assessment result Areasof improvement Actionplan
  22. 22. COMPETENCY MAPPING Strategystructure congruence StructureRolecongruence Eachroletobe unique Non-Repetitive Valueadding Verticalandhorizontalrole congruence Ensurenonrepetitivetasksintwodifferentroles Ensurecorecompetenciesforeachtask Linkall theaboveandposition tobringin competitiveadvantage
  23. 23. DELIVERABLES 1. RoleDirectory 2. Competencyprofiles 3. CompetencyMap 4. CompetencybasedHRsystems t 5. Recommendations:Rationalizationofstructureandmanpower 6. Institutionalizationof interventions 7. OrganizationDiagnosis Report
  24. 24. INTEGRATION OF HR SYSTEMS (Competency based HR practices Reward System Performance Management System Recruitment & Selections Career Plan & Career Development Competency requirement Competency availability Competency acquisition/ Development Succession plans & Succession DevelopmentTraining /development Plans & Programmes
  25. 25. CONCLUSION InadequateRoleCompetencies-Twooptions: Developthecompetencieswithinatimeframe Quitthe Role Nooptionotherthanto perform HRDfunctiontoensurecompetenciesineach role
  26. 26. CONCLUSION Feed back