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Is internet healthy

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Is internet healthy

  1. 1. Is Internet Healthy?<br />The world is now basically surviving on the internet. Post offices aren’t being used as much as before thanks to electronic mail (E-mail). Arcades aren’t as busy as before thanks to free online game sites. People don’t meet up much anymore thanks to video calling and social networking sites. However, the internet isn’t all that good.<br />The Internet is a great educational place to learn from. There are loads of sites on the web to learn from like and many more. Children that are homeschooled are often taught by using the Internet and its resources. Maybe even you have learnt something from the internet when you were browsing the web. All of this extra education always will help in the future or the present. On the other hand, many sites are fake and are filled with incorrect information or made up Techniques and History. <br />Mark Zuckerburg is a multibillionaire because he made a very successful social networking site called ‘Face Book’ where over billions of people communicate to each other and staying in touch with each other. Without the Site, People would lose Access to each other and become bored and lonely. Social Networking sites are really good but there are always bad sides to them like Cyber-Bullies and Spamming.<br />Entertainment is a huge thing on the internet. With over 10 million sites on the web with different entertainment purposes like Videos, Music, Books, Games and many more. But with this there are also inappropriate sites as well included in the list above. Corrupting people’s mind is easy but uncorrupting is a really hard thing. Without all this entertainment, many people will lose their jobs and many people will lose their output, meaning, the fun stuff, videos, games, music and many more.<br />There aren’t only good things about the internet though. Cyber bullying is a really bad thing and can lead to unimaginable consequences like bank robberies and kidnapping. Cyber bullying is where people are insulted on the web using social networking sites or other ways like e-mail causing serious demoralizing and upsetting feeling in people. Kidnapping also happens when people join random chat rooms and talk to random people they don’t know. They are sometimes tricked into giving their address away or personal information and end up in serious trouble. An example would be where a teenage girl was talking to a 13 yr old boy in a chat room randomly and she gave away her address, age, name, and how rich she was. Later, a police man came to their home and called the teenage girl. He said that she was talking to her in the morning. The girl was warned in a good way and never chatted again with random people.<br />Addiction is Very common when someone does something interesting like developing graphics or Gaming. Addiction is a very bad thing as it can lead to different bad consequences like injuries or attitude problems. Injuries as in RSI, Repetitive strain injury. That is where your fingers or thumbs keep moving even when you’re not doing anything. Attitude problems like when you don’t know how to act in front of public because you haven’t been in the public for a long time.<br />However, everyone likes to stay up-to-date all the time. Fashion, trends, consoles, news and many more. These are the things that people really like and need to stay up-to-date with. If somebody isn’t up-to-date, they usually are rejected in public. Fashion trends are important as well because it really matters how high your jeans are in public when you’re a popular person.<br />Recent surveys show that 77% of the world has internet and use it every day. This shows that the world is already filled with internet users and people that are addicted. A further Research showed that over 23% of them are addicted and use the internet for about 8 hours per day. This can lead to many bad things. But it can always lead to good things as well like education and becoming rich in a good way.<br />The Internet is always a good place in many aspects and is very rare to be bad but when it is bad it is really bad. Personally I think that the internet is a really healthy place as long as you know your limits when you are browsing the internet. Internet should always be allowed. People still argue over this topic since it is a major issue.<br />