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The black box model of consumer behaviour


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Black Box of Consumer Behavior

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The black box model of consumer behaviour

  1. 1. The Black Box ModelENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS BUYERS BLACK BOX BUYERSMarketing Environmental Buyer RESPONSE Decision ProcessStimuli Stimuli Characteristics Economic Attitudes Problem recognition Product choiceProduct Technological Motivation Information search Brand choicePrice Political Perceptions Alternative evaluation Dealer choicePlace Cultural Personality Purchase decision Purchase timingPromotion Demographic Lifestyle Post-purchase Purchase amount Natural Knowledge behaviour Munif Ahmad
  2. 2. The Black Box Model• The black box model shows the interaction of stimuli, consumer characteristics, decision process and consumer responses. It can be distinguished between interpersonal stimuli (between people) or intrapersonal stimuli (within people). Munif Ahmad
  3. 3. The Black Box ModelThe black box model is related to theblack box theory of behaviourism, where thefocus is not set on the processes inside aconsumer, but the relation between thestimuli and the response of the consumer. Munif Ahmad
  4. 4. The Black Box ModelThe marketing stimuli are planned andprocessed by the companies, whereas theenvironmental stimulus are given by socialfactors, based on the economical, politicaland cultural circumstances of a society. Munif Ahmad
  5. 5. The Black Box ModelThe buyers black box contains the BuyerCharacteristics and the DecisionProcess, which determines the buyersresponse.. Munif Ahmad
  6. 6. The Black Box ModelThe black box model considers the buyersresponse as a result of a conscious, rationaldecision process, in which it is assumed thatthe buyer has recognized the problem.However, in reality many decisions are notmade in awareness of a determined problemby the consumer. Once the consumer hasrecognised a problem, they search forinformation on products and services that cansolve that problem Munif Ahmad
  7. 7. The Black Box ModelThe relevant internal psychological process thatis associated with information search isperception. Perception is defined as "theprocess by which an individual receives, selects,organises, and interprets information to create ameaningful picture of the world". Consumerstendency to search for information on goods andservices makes it possible for researchers toforecast the purchasing plans of consumersusing brief descriptions of the products of Munif Ahmadinterest