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Color can tell..


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Color tells the emotion, status and what you try to express something in mind, let's check it out.

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Color can tell..

  1. 1. WANT TO TELL SOMETHING? By ML 2013 /Oct/ 06Madeleine Lee
  2. 2. Our small robot troops will show you how color works ! Madeleine Lee
  3. 3. Madeleine Lee Very calm and peace in my mind now, don’t you think so?
  4. 4. Madeleine Lee Expecting some romance, sentimental !
  5. 5. Madeleine Lee Full of energy now, lets go biking, swimming and running.
  6. 6. Madeleine Lee Gotta a new idea to reduce the carbon. One environment protector.
  7. 7. Madeleine Lee Just come back from cruise trip, need to do some Yoga. Luxury and Spiritual simultaneously
  8. 8. Thank you! Madeleine Lee