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Practical Python Security


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Practical Python Security is a hands-on, example-driven guide to securing production Python applications. It’s filled with techniques and best practices that author Dennis Byrne has refined through a career protecting the data of millions from theft and attack.

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Practical Python Security

  1. 1. Building secure Python apps with Practical Python Security. Take 40% off by entering slbryne into the discount code box at checkout at
  2. 2. Successful developers put security at the core of their applications. As a python developer, you need to understand the wide range of security risks you may face and get experience with the libraries, frameworks, and tools you’ll need to protect your systems.
  3. 3. Practical Python Security teaches you everything you’ll need to build secure Python web applications. As you work through the insightful code snippets and engaging examples, you’ll put concepts like cryptography, authentication, content security policies, and more into action. Along the way, you’ll get exposure to important libraries and tools in the Python ecosystem.
  4. 4. This jargon-busting guide unravels common security acronyms, simplifies encryption and hashing, and unlocks other key security concepts. You’ll use Python and Django to build secure features including user registration, user authentication, and third party access to protected resources with OAuth 2. As you work through each project, you’ll master Python tools for implementing layers of defense for your applications.
  5. 5. What people are saying about the book: A great primer on what types of security are possible and how to apply them to your project. -Aaron Barton An excellent reference for how to secure your Python systems. -Richard Vaughan An excellent companion for any security professional who needs to not only understand the essential concepts but also how to implement them. -Nicolas Acton
  6. 6. About the author: Dennis Byrne is a tech lead for 23andMe, protecting the genetic data and privacy of more than 10 million customers.
  7. 7. Take 40% off Practical Python Security by entering slbryne into the discount code box at checkout at If you want to learn more about the book, you can check it out on our browser-based liveBook platform here.