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Features of AWS - IAM

Why cloud hacks will keep happening? Unless you learn AWS IAM - you run the risk of running AWS resources insecurely!
You can learn Learn How To Avoid Any Costly Security Breaches Which Can Affect Your Business In As Little As In 3 Hours Or Less" in this course Aws IAM the-cloud-engineer-secure-cloud-handbook "90% OFF" here -


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Features of AWS - IAM

  1. 1. Shared Access Granular Permissions Secure Access Multi-Factor Authentication Identity Federation Single Sign-On Cross Account Access Free To Use Access Made Easy @tetranoodle Features Of AWS IAM Getting Started With AWS IAM
  2. 2. @tetranoodle AWS IAM Identities AWS IAM Identities IAM Users IAM Groups IAM Roles Root Account Temporary Credentials
  3. 3. @tetranoodle AWS IAM Policy Design AWS IAM Access Management Policy A Policy B Group A Group B Group C Policy C
  4. 4. @tetranoodle Securing AWS Resources AWS IAM Securing AWS Resources Multi Factor Authentication Web Identity Federation Key Encryption Management Password Policies Policy Simulator AWS Provides the following to secure resources :