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Introduction to ELK

This slide deck provides an overview of ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana stack.

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Introduction to ELK

  1. 1. Overview of ELK
  2. 2. How exactly ElasticSearch helps these types of businesses?
  3. 3. Making Sense of Big Data
  4. 4. Big Data is a blanket term or a catch phrase used to describe any collection of structured or unstructured data sets which are so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional database management tools or data processing” Making Sense of Big Data Introduction to Big Data
  5. 5. Making Sense of Big Data Benefits of Big Data Benefits of Big Data: Improve operations Provides fast insights New products, services and research possible
  6. 6. Mobile and IoT revolution Ubiquitous Connectivity Making Sense of Big Data Expanse of Big Data
  7. 7. Making Sense of Big Data Expanse of Big Data 2.5 billion content item posted every day 2.7 billion likes daily 300 million photos were uploaded by users every single day Source: 500 million tweets every day ~200 billion tweets on yearly basis Source: 20 PB or 20,000 TB data processed every day Source:
  8. 8. Making Sense of Big Data Expanse of Big Data AT&T uses a relational database of about 320 TB AT&T call records database has 1.9 trillion unique rows
  9. 9. Making Sense of Big Data Growth of Big Data Volume Velocity Variety
  10. 10. Features of ElasticSearch Popular Big Data Tools Hadoop NoSQL Databases ETL Tools Business Analytics ELK
  11. 11. ELK
  12. 12. ELK Introduction KibanaLogStashElasticSearch
  13. 13. ELK Process Flow
  14. 14. ELK Benefits Scalability Reliability Flexibility Automated and Easy-to- Use Free and Opensource Supports Big Data and its 3 Vs User FriendlyRESTful API
  15. 15. ELK works better when logs from various Apps of an enterprise converge into a single ELK instance. ELK can provide amazing insights for this single instance and eliminates the need to log into hundred different log data sources. If logs were not aggregated, we would not get the right insights to make the right decisions ELK Real-World Application
  16. 16. You can figure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign for your online e-commerce store so that you can optimize the return on ROI between ad spend on different platforms. ELK Real-World Use-Cases You can figure the best time to perform system maintenance to optimize your operations. Geographical queries help segment customers and products by geography and popularity by seasonality.
  17. 17. ELK Real-World Users
  18. 18. ELK Competitors Data Explorer
  19. 19. ELK Comparison with Competitors