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What is Open VPN

What is Open VPN? Refer this Handout from Tetranoodle Technologies course to know more about PfSense and its usage.
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What is Open VPN

  1. 1. Managing Network Security with pfSense What is OpenVPN Here are some features that sets OpenVPN apart from other VPNs. Cross-platform portability Customization as per client needs Management through GUI Security through SSL/TLS Can control security of VPN tunnel OpenVPN Use Case ISP Modem/ Router Internet Switch Computers OpenVPN Server on pfSense Laptop/ Desktop @tetranoodle
  2. 2. Managing Network Security with pfSense IPsec VPN Tunnel Use Case Authentication Integrity Confidentiality IPsec Features Here are the key features of IPsec. ISP Modem/ Router Internet Switch 1 (WAN) Computers Switch 2 (LAN) Computers ISP Modem/ Router Site A Site B @tetranoodle