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Slides for the Sketchnote Hangout of January 2017


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Slides for the Sketchnote Hangout of January 2017

The hangout was about my usage of the visual recording, scribing, sketchnoting in my everyday job as a project manager.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Slides for the Sketchnote Hangout of January 2017

  1. 1. SN HANGOUT Some samples of my work
  2. 2. Sketchnotes Examples
  3. 3. Sketchnotes during meeting
  4. 4. My everyday day carry for work …
  5. 5. I sketchnote a lot of timeline (for days, weeks, years…)
  6. 6. Flyer drawn for an Open Data exhibits
  7. 7. Title for a proposal to a customer
  8. 8. Icons drawn to explain our proposal to a customer
  9. 9. I can’t understand something that I have not sketchnoted
  10. 10. Visual Recording
  11. 11. Live visual recording during an Open Data Exhibit
  12. 12. Live visual recording during a Big Data conference
  13. 13. Visual Meeting
  14. 14. And one month later … Visual meeting After a first meeting :
  15. 15. Oh and that time where it was ok to go Visual on slides for a project steering commitee …