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digestion flyer


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digestion flyer

  1. 1.         Join  2  experienced  health  professionals  for  a     friendly,  fun  and  interactive  information  session  on  :   INCREASING  YOUR  ENERGY  LEVELS     THROUGH  BETTER  DIGESTIVE  HEALTH    6.45  PM-­‐8.30PM,     WED  13TH  JANUARY  OR  WED  10TH  FEB  2016   A T   N E W   V E N U E :   G R O U N D   F L O O R ,   5 1   B A L L O W   S T ,   F O R T I T U D E   V A L L E Y .   ( F R E E   P A R K I N G )   Do  you  want  to  learn  how  to  improve  your  digestion?   How  poor  digestion  affects  your  energy  levels?  How  to  reduce  bloating,  fatigue,  headaches?   What  is  the  latest  on  probiotics?     Food  as  medicine-­‐using  food  to  heal?     What  is  the  latest  on  leaky  gut  and  inflammation?       Our  Speakers:                     Cost  is  $50  per  person  (new  venue  discount).    Free  parking  on  site  (next  to  building)     Please  email  us  on  for  bookings,  additional   information  and  payment  details.           Dr  Maria  Boulton   (MBBS,  FRACGP,  BSc)   General  Practitioner   Interest  in  Women’s  Health   Beatrice  Peters   (BPhty)(Cert3fitness)   Physiotherapist   Fitness  Instructor     Clean  living  advocate