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XOXY and Safe Dating. Why YOU should get "XOXYIED"

Learn how XOXY came to be? Why YOU should get "XOXYied" and how XOXY can give you the peace of mind you need when dating online or even traditionally after meeting that "special" person. You THINK they are special, if they use XOXY then you KNOW they are! "Stop Guessing, Start Knowing!"

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XOXY and Safe Dating. Why YOU should get "XOXYIED"

  1. 1. Dating Safety and XOXY
  2. 2. Current Dating Environment  Current dating environment: Approximately 105 million unmarried people based on the U.S. Census!  Current world: Advances in technology have led to a breakdown in meaningful communication. The majority of the dating population interacts through the use of texting and online dating portals.  Current communication channel anonymity provides veils for both fraudulent and criminal activity.
  3. 3. Technology and Dating: The NEED for XOXY  Increased Exposure. A few years ago 2-3 people was the average number of individuals one might meet for a real date. Today, that average is over 2-3 a week! (Cyber Date stage)  Decreased Human Interaction creates the “Cyber Dating” phase of the dating cycle. Investments of time/emotions long before meeting.  Texting and email >>> Replace Calling Sending pictures >>> Replace actual meeting Facebook/Chatting >>> Replace social gatherings Video chat >>> Replaces the need to “actually” visit people    “Dating Screen vs. the Dating Scene” Lack of personal interaction has increased the ability to deceive! Technology has crippled our communication instincts.
  4. 4. Catfishing and Dating Scams  “Catfishing” a term coined for the deceptive practice of creating a fictitious persona to “hook or lure in a date”!  Through online dating profiles, the culprit or “catfisher” utilizes a fake profile, fake photos and fake biographical information, in order to create a romantic connection for exploitation. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center reports that Americans have been scammed out of approximately $85,000,000 in 2014 due to “catfishing” and similar crimes of deception.
  5. 5. Casual Dating Consequences  The increase in dating “hook-up” apps has resulted in a HUGE increase in sexually transmitted diseases.  Dating “apps” have led to increased health risks. In Rhode Island alone, syphilis has increased by seventy nine percent (79%), HIV by thirty three percent (33%) and gonorrhea by thirty percent (30%) from 2013 to 2014. FACT: Casual dating with a large and diverse population has resulted in a rapid increase in STD transmission.
  6. 6. Frightening Statistics   1 in 3 women will be sexually abused during their lifetime, according to a George Mason University study. Every 2 minutes someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. 1.1 million Americans have HIV. 16% are unaware! STD transmission occurs every thirty (30) seconds $85 million has been defrauded from Americans annually through dating site scams! There are many frightening statistics unique to the dating public that include but are not limited to; 
  7. 7. Why XOXY?  “As a mother and an insurance/risk management professional for over 20 years, safety and security are always in my daily thoughts. It’s a very different dating world today as most couples are no longer introduced through friends or a relative. While discussing escalating crimes committed against women during a visit to my daughter’s college campus, I decided to create XOXY. My hope, is that some level of assurance can be provided to our sons, daughters, friends and families creating a more safe and secure dating environment.”   Jo Lynn Clemens-XOXY CEO/Founder
  8. 8. What XOXY Does? Stop Guessing, Start Knowing!  XOXY is the WORLD’S FIRST, self-initiated, privacy protected dating credential ensuring enhanced peace of mind of the health and safety of the dating population!  XOXY is a web based application available to Apple and Android platforms. It expedites obtaining critical dating information by confirming a person’s identity!  The XOXY credential verifies: no felonies, sex offenses or STD’s that are date stamped to a photo-taken with the application!  While not a dating site, XOXY is a mobile safety and security tool that assists the dating population in pre-screening potential dates to reduce the probability of health and safety risks.
  9. 9. How XOXY Works  1) User creates a profile  2) Selects user option: Search Only or Full Credential Search ONLY: Allows user database access to verify the potential date has been “XOXYied”© prior to meeting. Full Credential: The user passes both the background and STD check. The user now has the ability to refer others to get “XOXYied”© and access to the “Look-Up Registry”.  3) Photo and Background Check  2) STD check through Quest Diagnostics (or alternate lab)
  10. 10. XOXY MOBILE APP/ Android & Apple
  11. 11. Once You're “XOXYied”©  Through XOXY, you can know in advance if the person you plan on dating is not who they claim to be, has a felony, sex offense or an STD.  In some ways, XOXY is a litmus test to determine how devoted your date is to developing a serious relationship with you.  You can: “Stand Out from the Crowd” remaining happy and healthy! Together we can reverse these terrifying statistics.  Live the XOXY mantra; “Stop guessing and Start knowing!”
  12. 12. PLEASE DATE SAFELY  Get “XOXYied”©  Download the Circle of 6 App  Meet in a pre-determined public place.  Never get into a date’s vehicle or drive them home.  Don’t provide identifying information such as; address, last name, employment or habits.  Never leave your drink unattended.  Always let family or close friends know date location and with whom.  Ask to see a copy of their driver’s license.  Let them pay to protect your credit card information from theft.
  13. 13. Check out XOXY on YouTube, NBC, ABC and online! Spread the News to family, friends, and co-workers.