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Electric deadbolt locks


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Electronic deadbolt lock is a lock that is moved by turning a key or knob. In layman terms, it is the type of lock that can be unlocked only by a key. It cannot be tattered easily which resist entry of any anti-social person in your house.

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Electric deadbolt locks

  1. 1.  When it comes to securing the doors throughout your property.  we suggest you consider the use of an Electrical Strike Door Lock.  Because your doors are the primary entrance point to your property, it's vital that your security plan focus on how to open and lock doors to grant and prevent unauthorized access to your premises.
  2. 2.  An alternative to an Electric Strike is an Electronic Deadbolt Lock which utilizes electricity to manipulate the movement of a deadbolt.  Made from a high quality, heavy duty steel and aluminum construction our electronic deadbolt locks are sure to meet the requirements of your demanding projects.  Just like our electric strikes, our electric deadbolts can be used in conjunction with access control devices such as keypads, card readers, biometric readers and request to exit buttons.
  3. 3.  An Electric strike door lock kit consists of an electric strike and the other access control devices that when configured together, produce a complete functioning security system.  Our Electric strike lock kits are either built around an access control device (Such as a Keypad, Card Reader, Intercom or Fingerprint Reader) or a specific security application such as a Gym, Convenience store, Laundromat, Apartment Building, Jewelry Store, Church and more.
  4. 4. The Convenience Store Electric Strike Kit System With Battery Back-Up is designed to be used as a access control solution for a Convenience Store. Estimated range is 150+ feet line of sight. KIT INCLUDES: ◦ 1 HS125SLD Electric Strike ◦ 1 Magnetic Lock Buzzer ◦ 1 Egress Button ◦ 1 On / Off Permanent Key Switch ◦ 1 433 MHz Long Range Wireless Receiver (Range 150+ feet line of sight) ◦ 2 433 MHz Remotes ◦ 1 Battery Backup Box ◦ 2 Batteries ◦ Switching Control Board ◦ 1 Transformer 16 VAC 40 Amp
  5. 5. This is a UL listed double door 1200lb holding force (each door) magnetic lock. It surface mounts for use with double doors. Features monitoring, delay, LED, lock sensor, spike suppressor, and is UL listed and CE approved. ◦ Mount Type - Surface Mount Double Door ◦ Holding Force - 2400 Lbs. (1200 Lbs. Holding Force Per Door) ◦ Dimensions - 21 x 2.9 x 1.6 ◦ Weight - 24 lb. ◦ Dual Voltage Current Draw - 500mA/12V 250mA24V ◦ Delay - Yes ◦ Monitoring - Yes ◦ LED - Yes ◦ Lock Sensor - Yes ◦ Build-In Voltage Spike Suppressor - Yes ◦ UL Listed - Yes ◦ CE Approved - Yes
  6. 6. 501 Electric Door Holder Model 501 Electromagnetic Door Holder With 110 lbs. Holding Force. This electric door holder is UL listed and CE approved. FEATURES: ◦ Holding Force: 110LBS ◦ Current Draw: 80mA / 12V, 40mA / 24V ◦ Dual Voltage: 12 / 24VDC ◦ Built-In Voltage Spike Suppressor ◦ UL Listed ◦ CE Approved 501 Electric Door Holder Manuals
  7. 7. Call Toll Free: 1-800-730-8382 Email: Website: