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Hotel employee schedule software for your company


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No matter you own a business in a hospitality industry or just a manager of it, scheduling and managing the operation of such business is always a daunting task. Thus, you must consider taking help of hospital scheduling software in order to run a smooth operation of your business.

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Hotel employee schedule software for your company

  1. 1. Presentation Title Free PowerPoint Templates
  2. 2. About us • workforce scheduling software eliminates countless hours of frustration by helping you create the perfect conflict-free schedule every time. • Post your schedule to the cloud for easy employee access and experience the difference. • Staff scheduling software automatically calculates labor costs daily and/or weekly while you create your staff schedule, as well as saving you countless hours throughout your week.
  3. 3. Looking for the best employee scheduling solution? • is an intuitive, easy to use, online employee scheduling solution that streamlines the entire scheduling process. • Unlike other employee scheduling programs, our scheduling software is designed to not only simplify and streamline the scheduling process with its advanced scheduling template, but also to positively impact your bottom line with features such as: – Real-time calculation of your labor costs! – Get your schedule right the first time! – No more employee scheduling calls taking up your day! – No more missing employee requests! – Automatic overtime alerts! – Contact your entire staff in seconds!
  4. 4. Search Scheduling Software Industry wise ! Employee Scheduling Software Restourant Bars Healthcare Retail College Casino Hotel Gas Station
  5. 5. How Café and Restaurant Scheduling Software Eliminates Employee Conflicts and Reduces Labor Costs • No service contracts or additional fees • Pay-as-you-go pricing • No downloads AND all updates are automatically included • Quick and easy upload feature for adding employee information • Free program wizard to get you started right away • Create the perfect conflict-free restaurant schedule every time
  6. 6. Online Bar and Nightclub Scheduling Software • Decrease employee turnover by scheduling employees based on their preferred shifts and availability. • Ensure adequate staffing on your schedule for all shifts—with all jobs covered. • Streamline the process of hiring, managing and scheduling all in one place. • Control labor costs with automatic labor cost calculations and overtime alerts. • Easily manage availability, time-off requests and shift swapping within the program. • Automatic shift alerts for employees to eliminate no-shows. • Create and view the schedule from anywhere at any time.
  7. 7. Healthcare Employee Scheduling Software • Communicate posted healthcare employee schedules and open shifts with a click of the mouse. • Easily manage skill sets and schedule employees for the correct jobs. • Access hospital employee contact information easily through the program. • Past hospital schedules are logged in the system to aid in adequately staffing future shifts. • Manage a large medical staff with different availabilities with organized time-off requests. • Create on-call schedules with ease. • Allow employees to view employee schedules at any time and swap shifts within the program.
  8. 8.’s Retail Scheduling Software • Send schedule communications to employees with one click. • Organize employee availabilities and shift preferences within the retail scheduling program. • Manage current employee contact information with employees updating their own info. • Allow your staff to view employee schedules at anytime from anywhere. • Assign breaks, duties and other tasks within shifts. • Easily assign shifts around time-off requests through the employee scheduler for increased employee morale and improved customer service. • Manage labor costs with wage calculations and automatic overtime alerts.
  9. 9. Visit us: