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NEVER LOST Golf Ball: The Smart Way to Play


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With the NEVER LOST you’ll play faster, score better, and save balls! The NEVER LOST balls eliminate the overhead of searching and hence give you more time to play, enjoy and laugh. For more information please visit

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NEVER LOST Golf Ball: The Smart Way to Play

  1. 1. The Smart Way to Play NEVER LOST Golf Ball
  2. 2. NEVER LOST GOLF BALL  NEVER LOST conforms in all criteria to the Rule 5 and Appendix III of the USGA and RANDA, which are: General, Weight, Size, Spherical Symmetry, Initial Velocity and Overall Distance Standard.  NEVER LOST balls can generally be found in less than 1 minute. It will take a bit practice the first few times, but even our hardest tests never took more than 2 minutes.  NEVER LOST balls are supposed to increase the fun in the game. Tournaments are not the target customers. It is not envisioned to amend neither the R&A’s nor the USGA rules.
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY USED IN THE BALL  NEVER LOST balls use mature and well established Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) technology.  Although regulations vary from country to country BLE is certified to be operated worldwide. We will certify the function before bringing the balls to the market.  he Bluetooth technology used in NEVER LOST balls is an international standard . You are probably already using a very similar, weaker signal transmission already.
  4. 4. BATTERY PERFORMANCE  Once you activate your NEVER LOST ball for his first game, it will last for about a year, at least. This is plenty of time to improve your score!  NEVER LOST balls play just like other balls as well. You may play it as a regular ball until it is definitely worn. Then please return it to your store for proper recycling.  The present NEVER LOST balls are not rechargeable, work is under way to add this feature in upcoming series.
  5. 5. CONTACT US Address: Zurich, Switzerland Email: Website: