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Obex11 lighting underlayment


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ObeX11 Premium is the highest quality product offered with termite protection by the plastic sheeting. These plastic sheets for all-Purpose like smaller home projects, flower beds to prevent weeds etc. for installation call at 225-663-6945

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Obex11 lighting underlayment

  1. 1. OX – Obex11 Lighting Underlayment, LLC
  2. 2. About Us:- Obex11 is a revolutionary, new plastic sheeting that changes the way termites are controlled. It has many different uses such as a vapor barrier, termite deterrent, weed preventer, moisture blocker, slab insulator, and material protector.
  3. 3. Why Do You Need It? ObeX11 is 100% natural and repels termites. When installed in new construction it provides protection from termite infestations Its waterproofness of the foundation walls and concrete slab.
  4. 4. How does it work? Installed in the foundations, underneath the concrete slab and with an ascent along the foundation walls, ObeX11 is a termite-repellent vapor barrier. The Yellow layer, containing the ecological repellent, faces the soil to deter termites.
  5. 5. Advantages of ObeX11 •High quality, virgin and recyclable, low density polyethylene film. •Easy, cost- effiecient installation. •Two functions in only one product. •Meets the requirements of a moisture barrier set forth by the ICC/IRC. •Does not contain any chemical insecticide. •Tested and certified by laboratories for both functions.
  6. 6. Contact Us:- Add:- P.O. Box 125 Greenwell Springs, LA 70739 Phone No:- 225-663-6945 Email:-