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Education Construction Market Report - UK 2013-2017 Analysis By AMA Research


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Education Construction Market Report - UK 2013-2017 Analysis By AMA Research

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Education Construction Market Report - UK 2013-2017 Analysis By AMA Research

  1. 1. Education Construction Market Report - UK 2013- 2017 Analysis AMA Research Report Highlight
  2. 2. Key areas in the report: Detailed assessment of structure, size and funding of the primary, secondary and higher education sectors. Key market trends and impact of government spending cuts on education projects and capital programmes. In-depth analysis of capital building programmes in the education sector, including the Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP), Scotland’s Schools for the Future Programme and the Welsh 21st Century Schools Programme. Review of Government spending plans and austerity measures as announced in the 2012 Autumn Statement and 2013 Budget and announcements for extra funding for the PSBP, Academies, Free Schools and Further Education Colleges. Areas of particular interest: Overview of contractor and consortia capability and experience in primary, secondary and higher education construction work. Contractor’s Output in the education sector and the outlook for education construction work with estimated forecasts over the next few years. Future opportunities for education construction work and key issues for the construction industry. Review of main procurement routes and construction programmes - including introduction of Private Finance 2 (PF2) to replace traditional PFI and to be introduced under the PSBP. In-depth analysis of the higher education construction market, with specific focus on the impact of rising student numbers, higher tuition fees and cuts to capital budgets on university infrastructure and capital building programmes. Review of student accommodation sector and detailed analysis of developer activity within the PBSA market including current supply of accommodation, market size, factors affecting the market and an assessment and forecast of the future PBSA development pipeline, both in London and nationally in the current economic climate.
  3. 3. AMA Research has recently published the 5th Edition of its overview of the Education Construction Market in the UK, focusing on construction activity within the primary, secondary and higher education sectors in an age of government austerity and continued public sector funding cuts. The education sector has been a major beneficiary of central government funding in recent years with significant capital funding underpinning a number of long-term capital building programmes and the expansion of higher education facilities the main drivers for the sector. However, under the Coalition government education has been one of the main targets for capital spending cuts and DfE capital funding will be cut by 25% between 2011-12 and 2014-15 when the department’s capital budget will stand at just £3.8bn. However, the DfE is still the single largest client for construction work in the schools & colleges sector, and we assess activity under major capital building programmes including the Academies Programme, the Priority School Building Programme, Scotland’s Schools for the Future Programme and Wales’ 21st Century Schools Programme. Overall, the latest trend for total education construction output values has been downwards and the medium- term outlook is for further output decline in 2013 and 2014 to £7.2bn and £6.6bn as BSF legacy projects complete and the pipeline of projects shrinks further. The forecast to 2017 indicates further decline of around 27% 2012-15 before marginal annual growth rates 2016-17 bring output to around £6.3bn and closer to 2004-05 levels prior to the impact of BSF. In addition, the Report specifically reviews the future of the main procurement routes and programmes used in education construction work, including the introduction of Private Finance 2 (PF2) to replace traditional PFI and to be introduced under the PSBP.
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