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Prostate Cancer Market Info™ By Drug Market Info


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Prostate Cancer Market Info™ By Drug Market Info

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Prostate Cancer Market Info™ By Drug Market Info

  1. 1. Prostate Cancer Market Info™ Drug Market Info Report Highlight
  2. 2. Prostate Cancer (PC) is the most common cancer in men and the second leading cancer-related killer behind lung cancer. This market is set to undergo dramatic change as PSA population screening is no longer recommended. Coupled with a lack of new biomarkers that can determine tumor aggressiveness, new advanced cases of prostate cancer are poised for an increase. Fortunately, the PC treatment armamentarium was recently expanded with the addition of 5 new drugs. The new therapies offer additional treatment options for men with advanced PC, either newly diagnosed or recurring. Prostate Cancer Market Info™ from Drug Market Info provides an in-depth look at the spectrum of PC, and profiles the number of patients and therapy options for each stage of the disease. A comprehensive valuation of the market covers all forms of therapy whether used by an oncologist or urologist. In addition, Prostate Cancer Market Info™ provides a synopsis of the extensive Pipeline for this cancer including all of the pathways and targets. What’s new for the 2013 Prostate Cancer Market Info™ report is another indicator of market size and treatment options. Drug Market Info is pleased to be partnering with Health Market Science (HMS), which collects and analyzes data from a medical claims database. With access to this information from HMS, Drug Market Info is able to further explore market indicators relating to PSA screening, claims filed for PC-specific injectables and a geographic Heat Map of areas representing the most potential for a new PC drug. Only Drug Market Info and HMS provide an additional data set of Prostate Cancer claims as another analysis point for this market. Patient Perspectives and in-depth views on disease management and treatment are woven throughout the report along with how patients feel about the various treatment options, “active surveillance” and side effects from therapies. Actual patient verbatims are included in all Drug Market Info reports. This unique feature of Prostate Cancer Market Info™ provides the critical patient input often lacking in other reports.
  3. 3. Table of Contents 1. Patients: Understanding Prostate Cancer (24 slides) Description, Prostate Cancer Staging, Epidemiology, Prostate Cancer Treatable Population, PSA Screening, DRE and Biopsies, Gleason Score, Prostate Cancer Detection: Metastasis, Prostate Cancer Key Facts, Featured Prostate Cancer Patients, Patient Insights 2. Perspectives: Prostate Cancer Management (31 slides) Therapy Overview, PC Treatment By Stage, Androgen Deprivation (ADT) Therapy, ADT Manipulations, Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, Bone-Targeted Therapies, Other Therapies, PC Management: Active Surveillance, Physicians Treating Prostate Cancer, Patient Adherence and Other Insights, Prostate Cancer Therapy: Key Issues 3. Potential: The Prostate Cancer Market (51 slides) PC Market Definition, PC Sales by Treatment Type, 5-Year Sales & Unit Trends, Leading Products and Companies, Recently Launched Product Performance, LHRH Therapies & 5-Year Sales/Unit Trends, Antiandrogen Therapies & 5-Year Sales/Unit Trends, Chemotherapy & 5-Year Sales/Unit Trends, Bone- Targeted Therapy & 5-Year Sales/Unit Trends, Prostate Cancer Claims Data Supplement: NEW, Prices of PC Drugs, PC Pipeline Overview, PC Clinical Trials, PC Pipeline Targets, Selected Products from the Late- and Mid-Stage PC Pipeline Prostate Cancer Summary (6 slides) Why the PC Market is Attractive, Seven Most Important Facts About PC, What Patients Want, Patient Advocacy, Clinician Reviewer Appendix: Acknowledgements, Market Value Calculation, Helpful Resources, About the Authors, Other Services, Bibliography
  4. 4. About the Publisher View More Reports from this Publisher View This Report Drug Market Info is a new internet-based service offered by MarketSense Ltd, a Healthcare Consulting firm established in 1995 to assist clients with marketing and business development. From working with numerous companies, MarketSense realized there is a need for easy to use, up-to-date market information that can be ordered "off the shelf". When we looked at the available market research reports, we identified at least two criteria that would be important for marketers that are not currently offered: 1. An easy-to-use slide format that can be tailored to meet the different needs of individual purchasers 2.Insights from actual patients: how do patients feel about their conditions and what do they think is needed to help with their treatment? The best part about a Drug Market Info report is that a donation is made to a patient advocacy group for each report sold. By purchasing Drug Market Info reports you are getting the information you need and helping patients at the same time.
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