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Sizzlin Stats Food & Beverage


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20 things you need to know about healthy food trends & more

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Sizzlin Stats Food & Beverage

  1. 1. SIZZLIN’ STATS20 Things You Need To Know About Healthy Food Trends
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  3. 3. Online grocery shopping is slated to grow from $23 billion in 2014 to $100 billion by 2019 Source: Packaged Facts
  4. 4. “Consumers turn to comfort foods during recessionary times and seek adventuresome and playful fare in a healthy economy” -Suzy Badaracco, Culinary Tides, Inc.
  5. 5. According to a Packaged Facts survey, 50% of consumers are willing to pay 10-25% more for locally grown or produced foods
  6. 6. 20% of adults in Canada under age 44 regularly buy organic groceries, compared to 12% of those over age 45 (Packaged Facts)
  7. 7. “ Approximately 25% of our calories come from snacks. (USDA)
  8. 8. According to Packaged Facts, a study found that 35-44 year olds in the US are the biggest consumers of bottled water.
  9. 9. The US market for refrigerated meats and meals is predicted to hit $31 billion in 2018 (Packaged Facts)
  10. 10. Chips are the number 1 snack in the U.S., with 63% of consumers eating chips at least once a month. (BareSnacks)
  11. 11. Americans consuming yogurt has grown 12.5% during 2004-2014, according to a NPD study, making it the fastest growing food product of the past 10 years.
  12. 12. ( 100 million Americans are watching their diet to lose weight or to maintain their current weight
  13. 13. (Duke Medicine) The key to avoiding the lose-gain cycle also known as yo-yo dieting is to approach weight control not as a “diet” but as a change in lifestyle. “Protein is currently the hottest functional food ingredient trend in the United States.” (Packaged Facts, Functional Foods:Key Trends & Developments in Ingredients)
  14. 14. According to The NPD Group, families with kids have made 1 billion fewer visits to US restaurants in the past 6 years.
  15. 15. (Council for Responsible Nutrition) 68% of all U.S. adults reported taking dietary supplements
  16. 16. Bottled water and tea are driving growth in the global beverage market, contributing 55% to the market growth over the past 5 years. (Zenith International)
  17. 17. Retail dollar sales of private label food and beverages is expected to reach $122 billion by 2018. (Packaged Facts, Private Label Foods & Beverages in the U.S., 8th Edition)
  18. 18. (LoyaltyOne) 63% of ethnic shoppers in the U.S. complain they cant find enough ethnic food and ingredients at their local main grocery store
  19. 19. Gluten-free options are now available at 9% of restaurants (Food Genius)
  20. 20. “51% of the population looks for healthy snacks, that’s up from 37% in 2004.” According to Packaged Facts,
  21. 21. The average price of a menu item containing the term “organic” is $9.41 (Food Genius)
  22. 22. The men’s weight loss market is estimated to be worth $11.3 billion next year—17% of the total diet market. ” (Marketdata Enterprises)“ The #1 consumer priority when seeking to lose weight is reforming their snacking habits (Packaged Facts, Weight management: U.S. consumer mindsets)
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