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5 Great and Terrible Things About Being a Marketer

Being a marketer can be awesome...and awful. We chose 5 great and terrible things we've experienced as marketers -- what are your top 5?

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5 Great and Terrible Things About Being a Marketer

  1. 1. 5 Great and Terrible Things About Being a Marketer
  2. 2. GREAT: Skills Diversity The wide variety of marketing projects appeal to visual- and analytical- minded professionals, so you get to work with lots of different kinds of people.
  3. 3. TERRIBLE: Personality Conflicts Art people and math people don’t always see eye to eye. Your meetings sometimes feel like a scene out of Gladiator.
  4. 4. GREAT: Instant Feedback People favorited my tweet! Page views are increasing! Advertising click through rates are up! They like me! They really like me! Emails are getting opened!
  5. 5. TERRIBLE: Instant Feedback Much of your work provides you with instant feedback. Nobody commented on my Facebook post. Nobody’s downloading my SlideShare. 0% Email open rate.
  6. 6. GREAT: Sales Funnel Win Your content performs beautifully. The ebooks, SlideShares, videos, and social media channels that you create are sales funnel magnets.
  7. 7. TERRIBLE: Salesperson Fail Your new salesperson gets on the phone with your carefully qualified leads… and blows the sale in under five minutes.
  8. 8. GREAT: Social Media Dominance You’re a social media guru who can tweet in your sleep. You’ve got timing, frequency, content, and visuals down to a beautiful science.
  9. 9. TERRIBLE: Tweet Overload By the end of the day you’re so sick of tweets and posts and slides and videos you can’t bring yourself to log into your personal accounts. You’re utterly out of touch with your own social networks.
  10. 10. GREAT: Makin’ it Rain You do work that directly improves the bottom line of your company (and you’ve got the metrics to prove it)
  11. 11. TERRIBLE: Nobody Knows… Nobody else, possibly including your boss, believes your projects are real. They all think marketing is “mumbo jumbo,” and that the “real work” happens in other departments.
  12. 12. GREAT: Better Marketing Sign Up