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Software 100707014922-phpapp02


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Software 100707014922-phpapp02

  1. 1. SOFTWARE Computer System
  2. 2. Software System Software Operating System Utility Application Software Word Processing Spreadsheet Presentation Graphic Editor
  3. 3.  System software :  Software that is used to control and manage computer devices and operations.  Example :  Operating system (OS) =Windows XP, Linux,Windows 7  Utility Program =Antivirus (AVG, Karspersky)  Application software:  Software that is used to help a user perform a task and solve a problem.  Example :  Word Processing (MsWord)  Graphic Software (Adobe Photoshop)
  4. 4. SYSTEM SOFTWARE OPERATING SYSTEM Linux Mac OS X Unix WindowsVista Windows XP Windows 7 UTILITY PROGRAM Antivirus ( Karpersky) File Manager Diagnostic Utility Screen Savers Backup Utility
  6. 6. What is OPERATING SYSTEM (OS)?  An operating system is a program designed to run other programs on a computer.A computer’s operating system manage both software and hardware resources.  Operating systems are responsible for everything from the control and allocation of memory to recognizing input from external devices and transmitting output to computer displays.They also manage files on computer hard drives and control peripherals, like printers and scanners.
  7. 7. Function of OS : 1. Starting a computer (booting) 2. Provide a user interface  Command line interface  Menu driven interface  Graphical user interface 3. Managing program 4. Managing memory 5. Configuring devices
  8. 8. User Interface  We interact with software through its user interface. User interface control how you enter data and instruction and how information is displayed on the screen. Comman Command Line Interface Menu Driven Interface Graphical User Interface (GUI) Type command or press special key on the keyboard to enter data and instructions that instruct the OS to do. User do not need to memorize keywords such as copy, paste and syntax. On screen, menu driven interface provide menu as mean for entering command User friendly. GUI interact with visual image such as button and icon.
  9. 9. Command Line Interface
  10. 10. Menu Driven Interface
  11. 11. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  12. 12. Different Interfaces of OS Command Line Interface (DOS) User have to memorize all the syntax to issue command Difficult to use Not user friendly Take a long time to learn Graphic User Interface (Windows/ Linux) User have not to memorize all the syntax to issues command Easy to use User friendly Take a short time to learn
  14. 14. What is Utility Program  Utility Program, also known as service programs, is a type of system software that allow user to perform maintenance-type tasks.  Usually related to manage a computer, its device or program.  Two type of Utility Program:  Built in ( windows explorer, disk cleanup, disk defragmenter)  Stand-alone utility (winzip, norton utility, karpersky)
  15. 15. TYPE and USAGE of utility program Utility Program Usage Example File Management •Perform functions related to files and disk management •Eg : you can copy files and programs from one disk to another. You can move, rename or delete file using this utility program. Windows Explorer Diagnostic Utility Diagnostic or troubleshooting utility is a utility program that compiles technical information and certain system software programs and then prepares a report outlining any identified problems Norton Utility
  16. 16. TYPE and USAGE of utility program Utility Program Usage Example File Compression •A file compression software is system software that we use to shrink the size of files so they require less storage space and reduce transmission time if we send them over internet WinZip ,WinRar, PKZip Antivirus Antivirus is a program that protects a computer against viruses by indentifying and removing any computer viruses found in a memory, storage media or incoming files Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky, AntiVir,AVG, Nod32, Avast
  17. 17. TYPE and USAGE of utility program Utility Program Usage Example Defragmenter A program that reorganise files and unused space on a computer hard disk. Eliminates fragmented files. Fragmented file is a file allocated to noncontiguous clusters. As you create, edit, and delete files, more and more of them become fragmented Norton Speed Disk, Disk Defragmenter Disk Scanner A utility that detect and corrects both physical and logical problems on a hard disk and searches for and remove unnecessary software
  19. 19. What is Application Software?  Software that is used to help a user perform a task and solve a problem.
  20. 20. Type of Application Software Type of software Examples Proprietary Open Source Word processing MicrosoftWord, CorelWord Perfect, EasyWord, Celframe Word Kword, OpenOfficeWrite, AbiWord
  21. 21. Type of Application Software Type of software Examples Proprietary Open Source Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel, Corel Quattro Pro, Easy Spreadsheet, Celframe Spreadsheet Kspread,OpenOffice Calc, GNumeric
  22. 22. Type of Application Software Type of software Examples Proprietary Open Source Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint, Corel Presentation, Easy Presentation, Celframe PowerPresentation Kpresenter,OpenOffice Impress, Agnubis
  23. 23. Type of Application Software Type of software Examples Proprietary Open Source Graphic Editor Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator,Corel Draw, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Ulead Photoimpact GIMP, Inkscape, PhotoScape, Paint.Net, CinePaint
  24. 24. Uses of Application Software Application Software Function Word Processing e.g: 1. Microsoft Word 2. CorelWord Perfect 3. EasyWord 4. CelframeWord 5. Kword 6. OpenOfficeWrite 7. AbiWord Word processing software allows users to create and manipulate documents containing mostly text and sometimes graphics Word processing software can be used to produce documents such as letters, memos, reports, fax cover, sheet, mailing labels, news letters, and web pages. Some features of word processing include: 1. Creating and editing document 2. Defining the size of paper on which to print and specifying the margin 3. Changing the shape and size of characters 4. Organizing text in newsletter-style columns 5. Incorporating many types of graphical images 6. Spelling checker 7. Macro 8. Drawing table 9. Mail merge
  25. 25. Uses of Application Software Application Software Function Spreadsheet e.g: 1. Microsoft Excel 2. Corel Quattro Pro 3. Easy Spreadsheet 4. Celframe Spreadsheet 5. Kspread 6. OpenOfficeCalc 7. GNumeric Spreadsheet software is an application that allows users to organise and manipulate data in rows and columns. Spreadsheet software that contains cells on which you can insert formulae, labels and perform automatic recalculations. It produces worksheets that require repetitive calculations – budgeting, maintaining a grade book, balancing account, tracking investment, calculating loan payments. Features: 1. Creating, editing, formatting worksheet 2. Containing formulas 3. Charts 4. What-if analysis 5. Make query
  26. 26. Uses of Application Software Application Software Function Presentation e.g: 1. Microsoft PowerPoint 2. Corel Presentations 3. EasyPresentation 4. Celframe PowerPresentati on 5. Kpresenter 6. OpenOffice Impress 7. Agnubis Presentation software is an application that allows users to create visual aids for presentations to communicate ideas, messages and other information to an audience.