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Sales transformation for the digital age - Sydney

Unprecedented changes in B2B buying dynamics are rendering legacy sales models increasingly less effective. With a digitally-empowered buyer firmly in control of the sales process, a new approach must emerge which is more customer-centric, more integrated with other functions and more technologically-enabled in order to secure sustainable growth.

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Sales transformation for the digital age - Sydney

  1. 1. 1© copyright Blackdot 2016 SYDNEY | Tuesday, 8th November 2016 Evolving Sales To Deliver Results In The ‘New’ Customer Environment SALES E X E C U T I V E B R E A K FA S T FOR THE DIGITAL AGE TRANSFORMATION
  2. 2. 2© copyright Blackdot 2016 Session Flow Keynote Sales Transformation For The Digital Age Polling Where Are Australian Organisations Up To? Panel discussion Perspectives From Different Sectors Q&A Coffee & Networking Blackdot Speakers Marty Nicholas Managing Director Mark Taylor Executive Director, Consulting Nicson White Executive Director, Commercial David Wilson- Dowse Capability Director James McKay Sales Director at Sqware Peg #CustomerTransformation
  3. 3. 3© copyright Blackdot 2016 MARKETING & SALES TRANSFORMATION We provide evidence-based marketing & sales solutions that transform businesses & quantifiably accelerate growth Blackdot exists to drive
  4. 4. 4© copyright Blackdot 2016 What We Cover End-To-End Marketing & Sales Transformation, From Strategy To Execution Focused growth strategies that deliver enhanced customer experience, loyalty & advocacy CUSTOMER- CENTRIC STRATEGY ALIGNED ORGANISATIONA L DESIGN MANAGEMENT DISCIPLINES FRONTLINE BEHAVIOURS Optimal resource allocation to support effective & efficient marketing & sales execution Integrated marketing & sales processes to drive accelerated acquisition, growth & retention Empowered managers equipped to drive significant impact on frontline performance Critical mass of marketing & sales people delivering more consistent out- performance INTEGRATED MARKETING & SALES FRAMEWORK
  5. 5. 5© copyright Blackdot 2016 How We Help Clients Evidence-Based Solutions That Transform Businesses & Quantifiably Accelerate Growth 2. Consulting 4. Technology 3. Capability 1. Benchmarking & Measurement CUSTOMER- CENTRIC STRATEGY ALIGNED ORGANISATIONA L DESIGN INTEGRATED MARKETING & SALES FRAMEWORK MANAGEMENT DISCIPLINES FRONTLINE BEHAVIOURS Focused growth strategies that deliver enhanced customer experience, loyalty & advocacy Optimal resource allocation to support effective & efficient marketing & sales execution Integrated marketing & sales processes to drive accelerated acquisition, growth & retention Empowered managers equipped to drive significant impact on frontline performance Critical mass of marketing & sales people delivering more consistent out- performance
  6. 6. 6© copyright Blackdot 2016 Why Does Sales Need to Change? Sales Isn’t Going Anywhere, But It Must Adapt To Be Relevant To Today’s Customer More digital interactions & data than ever Sales must be empowered with information Data & tech-savvy must lift to leverage this The need to do ‘more with less’ Acquisitions costs must reduce, whilst lifting CX Channel mix must evolve to optimise resources + CX Changing competitive dynamics The CX is increasingly defining sales outcomes Need to transform faster than competitors More customer-facing channels & functions Sales can no longer own the customer More cross-functional integration is required Marketing ownership of early funnel Sales must add more strategic value New buying behaviours & preferences
  7. 7. 7© copyright Blackdot 2016 Defining The ‘Rep Of The Future’ The Future Is Bright For Salespeople That Embrace Change CUSTOMER EXPERT ROAD WARRIOR From To Relationship & need-focused Challenge & value-focused Purposeful Customer owner Customer advocate Product / solution expert Specialised thought leader Effective Views digital channels as competition Bridges digital & physical channels Controls the sales process Supports the buying process Burdened by admin Absolved of low-value tasks Hamstrung by CRM data entry Driven by digital & customer data Productive
  8. 8. 8© copyright Blackdot 2016 The Key Shifts Required To Be ‘Future Fit’ Accelerating Sales Transformation For The Digital Age Enabling more relevant & value-adding sales interactions, at lower cost ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN Building sophisticated skillsets to exceed the expectations of today’s buyer TALENT & CAPABILITIES Integrating workflows & supporting consistently high quality interactions SALES PROCESS Creating sales capacity & optimising effectiveness & efficiency TECHNOLOGY & DATA TRANSFORMATION Achieving buy-in & embedding operational change
  9. 9. 9© copyright Blackdot 2016 Sales Organisational Design Enabling More Relevant & Value-Adding Sales Interactions, at Lower Cost STATIC FIELD SALES COVERAGE ‘Reach & frequency’ based coverage models DYNAMIC MULTI-CHANNEL COVERAGE Responsive & efficient targeting of opportunities EVOLVE CHANNEL MIX TO OPTIMISE EFFECTIVENESS + COST OF SALE Leverage direct digital channels & inside sales SALES-LED PROSPECTING ‘Road warrior’ self-generated leads & meetings MARKETING-LED LEAD GENERATION & NURTURING Material pipeline of qualified, sales-ready leads ESTABLISH THE DIGITAL DEMAND CREATION ENGINE Support online buyer education & progression across the buyer’s journey CAPACITY-CONSTRAINED, GENERALIST REPS Broad remit & role diffusion limit customer value-add CUSTOMER-FOCUSED, SPECIALIST REPS Expertise & capacity for deep customer value-add SALES ROLE SPECIALISATION Develop operational demarcation & absolute role & goal clarity FROM TO MAKING THE SHIFT ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN
  10. 10. 10© copyright Blackdot 2016 Organisational Design – Case Study Challenge - A Major ICT Company Needed To Refine It’s Operating Model To Do More With Less Segmentation Solution Overview Sector 1 Sector 2 Strategic Emerging Traditional • Opportunity Based Segmentation Organise around the upside opportunity • Operating Model Simplification Role & goal clarity, specialist demarcation & collaboration model • Resource Optimisation Remove duplicated & lower value cross over roles to improve coverage ratios • New Low Cost Sales Channels Dedicated focus on tail coverage RESULTS LESSONS The business hit top & bottom line targets for the first time in 3 years When doing more with less: • Simply can’t optimise without clearly defining your market sweet spots & segmentation • Align your best resources to your biggest opportunities • It’s a big shift to introduce inside sales (to a legacy face-face sales organisation) • Never underestimate the noise & customer risks with FTE reductions & portfolio reallocation
  11. 11. 11© copyright Blackdot 2016 Sales Process Integrating Workflows & Supporting Consistently High Quality Interactions LINEAR SALES-LED PROCESS Internally-focused ‘Push’ approach COORDINATED SUPPORT OF THE BUYER’S JOURNEY Customer-focused ‘Pull’ approach CROSS-FUNCTIONAL PLANNING PROCESSES Detail how each function + channel collaborate across buyer’s journey DISPARATE MARKETING LEAD FOLLOW-UP Competing &/or independent M&S workflows ‘CLOSED-LOOP’ LEAD HAND-OFFS & FOLLOW-UP Complimentary & interdependent M&S workflows INTEGRATED M&S PROCESSES + METRICS Hardwire lead qualification, hand-offs & follow-up SALES ‘QUANTITY’ DISCIPLINES Input-focused disciplines for consistent activity SALES ‘QUALITY’ DISCIPLINES Customer-focused disciplines for consistent insight & value ADDITIONAL & DIFFERENT SUCCESS DRIVERS Ensure prompt lead follow-up, adequate call preparation, contextual insights FROM TO MAKING THE SHIFT SALES PROCESS
  12. 12. 12© copyright Blackdot 2016 Sales Process – Case Study Challenge - A Major Health Science Business Needed To Enhance Cohesion Across Customer-Facing Functions RESULTS LESSONS CX, conversion & employee engagement metrics all increased • Funnel stages aligned to buyer’s journey greatly help with opportunity progression • Pipeline stages need enough granularity to track & drive progression • Hardwire the change, don’t hope it will happen • Surface what is different for each person’s role & what they need from others to succeed Buyer’s Journey Loosening the status quo Committing to change Exploring solutions Committing to a solution Justifying the decision Making the selection Discovery Aware Imperative Solution fit agreed Needs defined Commitment Proceed Integrated Funnel ConsiderationDecision Marketing Sales Medical SecondaryPrimary Accountabilities SP S P S S PS S S S P P P SP
  13. 13. 13© copyright Blackdot 2016 Technology & Data Creating Sales Capacity & Optimising Effectiveness & Efficiency CRM FOR MANAGEMENT REPORTING ‘Top-down’ adoption, activity tracking focus CRM FOR SALES ENABLEMENT ‘Bottom-up’ adoption, simplicity & mobility focus DELIVER USER VALUE TO DRIVE ADOPTION Enable simple / auto data capture to prepare for AI tools NECESSARY ADMINISTRATION Low value admin tasks limiting time spent with customers CAPACITY CREATION Productivity + effectiveness tools maximising time spent with customers FRONTLINE DIGITISATION & PROCESS AUTOMATION Leverage technology to optimise rep productivity, effectiveness, efficiency HIGHLY-INFORMED BUYERS Information advantage sitting with the buyer HIGHLY-INFORMED INTERACTIONS ‘Digital footprints’ leveraged for buyer & seller benefit ENABLE DATA-DRIVEN SELLING Ensure the right data is easily accessible to sales at the right time FROM TO MAKING THE SHIFT TECHNOLOGY & DATA
  14. 14. 14© copyright Blackdot 2016 Technology & Data – Case Study Challenge – A Division Of A Major Enterprise Needed To Enhance Sales Enablement To Grow In A Difficult Environment RESULTS LESSONS The business enhanced both the customer experience, & effectiveness + efficiency of reps • Set initial clear goals • Focus on both technology & people • Effective change management is critical • Incrementalism & careful phasing is key – layer the complexity TechnologyPeople 1 2 21 3 CRM Fundamentals (Sales force) Innovation & Automation Continuous Improvement & Expansion Change Management Communications Methodology, People & Process - Sales & Service Cloud - System Integration - Single Customer View - Configure Price Quote - Proposal Automation - Sign on Glass - Communication - Consultation - WIFM - Benchmarking - Coaching - Capability - Roadmap - Release Management - Governance - Analytics
  15. 15. 15© copyright Blackdot 2016 Sales Talent & Capabilities Building Sophisticated Skillsets To Exceed The Expectations Of Today’s Buyer GENERALIST SOLUTIONING Need identification & solution-focused generalists CONTEXTUAL THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & INSIGHT Customer-focused problem solvers with unique expertise UPLIFT COMMERCIAL ACUMEN Build industry, functional or solution knowledge to create customer value ANALOGUE TARGETING & NEEDS ANALYSIS Conversation-driven approach that slows down the customer DIGITAL PRECISION & CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDING Intelligence-driven approach that accelerates the customer BUILD DIGITAL + DATA SAVVY (& BUY-IN) Expand CRM / social media / data skills & broaden digital literacy RELATIONSHIP MANAGER Primary owner of the customer’s needs & experience TRUSTED INFLUENCER Connected expert that brings the best of the business to the customer BUILD ‘DECISION NAVIGATION’ SKILLS Build nuanced skills in influencing stakeholders & complex decisions FROM TO MAKING THE SHIFT TALENT & CAPABILITIES
  16. 16. 16© copyright Blackdot 2016 Talent & Capabilities – Case Study Challenge – A Major ICT Firm With a Large Retail Distribution Network Needed To Enhance The CX Across Sales Channels RESULTS LESSONS Salespeople were better attuned to customer pain points, significantly enhancing ‘cut through’ • Winning ‘hearts & guts’ is essential to prepare the field • Build on existing capability, find people’s ‘learning edge’ & expand • Embedding & coaching must be built into the intervention • Small steps & repetition is key to embedding change TRUST VALUE-BASED Focused on delivering strategic insight & creating value for customers NEEDS-BASED Focused on solutions that meet customer needs PRODUCT-BASED Focused on objectives & solutions Challenges Skillfully Displays Acumen & Insight Manages Uncertainty & Conflict Sets & Adjusts Expectations Recognises & Harnesses/Manages Emotion Relates Solution To Customer Value Active Questioning & Diagnosis Active Listening model Confirms Needs & Priorities Rapport & Captures Presenting Request Reads Non-verbal Communication & Persona Cues MICRO-SKILLS RELATIONSHIP-BASED Takes order, fulfills order
  17. 17. 17© copyright Blackdot 2016 What Does The Maturity Process Look Like? Evolving Sales to Deliver Results in The Digital Age Organisational Design Sales Process Data & Technology Talent & Capability Haphazard Selling • Ambiguous Op Model • Self-reliant • Partial CRM compliance • Low data quality • Resource / capacity constrained • Osmosis learning 1 Sales Disciplines • Role + goal clarity • Robust targets & incentives • Prioritisation & planning disciplines • Best practice playbooks • CRM input hygiene • Data cleansing • Training needs analysis 2 Sales Effectiveness • Capacity creation & service demarcation • Performance culture • Aligned sales models, methodologies & process • Pipeline integrity • Targeted capability build • Established HR platform & practices • CRM seen as a management tool • Siloed content 3 Buyer Centric • Channel + role specialisation • M&S integration • Aligned E2E M&S funnels • Channel experimentation • Marketing automation • Enterprise knowledge capture • Digital workforce planning • Strategic new talent acquisition 4 Customer Driven • X-function collaboration • Aligned M&S goals, targets & incentives • Buyers journey facilitation • Omni/multi-channel execution • App Ecosystem • Data + insight driven decision-making • Scalable & sustainable HR infrastructure 5
  18. 18. 18© copyright Blackdot 2016 David Palmer Director, Business Channels Andrew Cook Director of Media Sales Cameron Spittle Enterprise Sales Leader Maria McManus Director - Business, Analytics, Strategy & Effectiveness Melissa Murray Bailey Director, APAC Sales Solutions
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