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Plant Information System in Pune


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Next Step Technologies has established in 1996. Guided by experience, technical experts and determination to excel Next Step Technologies has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of Andon Systems, DC – CDI Test Bench, Magneto Test Bench, Rectifier Regulator Test Bench, Starter Motor Controller Test Bench, Automated Motor Test Bench, LASER Vision Weld Joint Tracking System, LASER Vision Weld Bead Tracking System, Machine Vision & Image Processing System, Electronic Load for Battery Projects and Programmable Logic Controller System. We are backed by a team of professionals who know what is required to make the management simple and cost effective. We have established ourselves in the local and global market, and are known for our reliability and prompt work.

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Plant Information System in Pune

  1. 1. Be monitoring your OEE. Be monitoring your takt time and cycle times. Be upgrading your Andon lamps with USEFUL downtime alerts not just flashing lights Be monitoring your total output Be monitoring your 3 losses to OEE - availability, quality, and performance 2Next Step Technologies , Pune
  2. 2. HMI for Operator per each Machine LCD Display Screens in wide range Data base is controlled by industry main server. Directly connected to Production department improve productivity. Email and keep in touch with web. Directly connected to maintenance department to reduce downtime Digital as well as Analog IO’s can direct interface 3Next Step Technologies , Pune
  3. 3. What does it look like ? Simple to read. Information easy to understand at a glance. Prominent location for the line support to see. Shows location of the concern, not detail. 4Next Step Technologies , Pune
  4. 4.  Monitoring OEE parameters like Target o/p & Actual o/p, Trend, OEE in %.  Controlled by priority based login .  16 HMI can be interface to single Control Unit.  Covering 16 loss per machine / line .  8 – 32 Analog / Digital I/O for each HMI .  Wide count rang 0 – 99999 .  One ANDON module is applicable for 3 machine / line . (As per 6 Sigma study.)  Production summary graph for Target Vs Actual o/p. And Loss summary graph for all losses .  Detail log book report is generated as per shift .  Failures will get noticed automatic as per priority .  3 ways for nonfiction for failure...  Display screen .  Text message through GSM module (Full Duplex mode).  Email service (For higher authority only.)  Various display screens can be used .  Get to know the performance of operators . 5Next Step Technologies , Pune
  5. 5. Machine Working Control Unit (Server) Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 16 Slot Done 6Next Step Technologies , Pune
  6. 6. Machine working Control Unit (Server) Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 16 Work DoneErrorMachine workingWork Done 7Next Step Technologies , Pune
  7. 7. 8Next Step Technologies , Pune
  8. 8.  Ready to Deploy Plant Floor Visualization System.  Creates Hi-Definition Key-Performance Indicator and Andon Message Boards  Keep real-time track of OEE & Trend.  Touch screen HMI units.  Direct interface of Digital as well as Analog IO’s to HMI .  Support up to 16 HMI per Control Unit and 32 IO’s per HMI.  You can monitor your job at each station on floor.  Built-In Web server Allows Remote View or Control from any Internet Connected PC  Provides Email and SMS Text Message Alerts  Syncs Data Logs to FTP Servers And Microsoft SQL Server® in graph and Excel.  You can track your machine as well as machine Operator performance.  Wide range of customizations is possible.  Improve your Production with Quality Assurance.  Its more than ANDON, not only shows you the problem but also give the way for quick solution. 9Next Step Technologies , Pune
  9. 9.  DC - CDI Test Bench .  Magneto Test Bench .  Rectifier Regulator Testing .  Starter Motor Controller Testing .  Automated Pump Test Bench .  LASER Vision weld Bead Tracking system .  Machine Vision & Image Processing system .  LASER vision & Joint Tracking system .  Electronic Load fro Battery testing .  Customized PCB design projects .  Programmable Logic Controller system .(PLC) 10Next Step Technologies , Pune
  10. 10.  Mailing Address :  Office :- “Kiran” Plot No.298, Sect. No.24, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pune : 411044.  Tel :- +91 20 6410 2373  Fax :- +91 20 2765 0618  Email :  Web : Next Step Technologies , Pune 11
  11. 11. 12Next Step Technologies , Pune