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Font Combinations


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This deck is meant for non-designers who want to refer to a quick and compact guide to make their content presentable. Use of right fonts with right combinations will quickly give that edge to the content.

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Font Combinations

  1. 1. FONT COMBINATIONS Best Practices By Medha Deshpande
  2. 2. Difference between Serif and Sans Serif font
  3. 3. Combine a Sans Serif with a Serif Georgia – Arial
  4. 4. Avoid using similar fonts Calibri - Arial
  5. 5. Contrast Font Weights Caslon
  6. 6. Create moods with colors and fonts
  7. 7. Contrast Distinct with Neutral Lobster - Arial
  8. 8. Choose font according to the nature of the content
  9. 9. Use distinct point sizes for title and body Calibri
  10. 10. Pairing Fonts 1. Fonts in a family pair well Like: Droid Sans and Droid Serif 2. They're clean and modern, plus (as you'd expect) they're well suited for the web and smaller devices on account of their large x-height. 3. The x-height of a font describes the height from the base line to the upper reaches of the lower case characters, like the x. A proportionately large x-height helps with readability. And these two both share that quality.
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