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Motivation & innovation


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Joanne Sweeney-Burke of Media Box delivers this workshop.
Challenging economic times requires stamina and self-motivation. No matter how good your business is or how innovative your product or service, without the determination and grit to drive it forward, you could find yourself and your business on the back-foot.

Bringing her own life and business experience to bear on this workshop, Joanne Sweeney-Burke – mother, wife, trainer, business owner, boss, mentor, triathlete, blogger, media commentator, speaker – asks the question, “so how do you react when life circumstance challenge you? Do you stand still in defence or do you crumble under pressure?”
By the end of this workshop you will be more self-aware and hopefully will have found your passion to fight and problem-solve.

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Motivation & innovation

  1. 1. Motivation  &  Innovation “Why  Your  Attitude  Affects  Your  Actions” Joanne  Sweeney-­‐Burke Thursday  28th  February  2013
  2. 2. Who is She?Formerly  Single Parent  Journalist  PR Lecturer  CEO in various roles  Apprentice Finalist Currently  Business Owner  Triathlete (preparing again)  Blogger  Speaker  Life-Long Learner (currently studying Masters in Digital Marketing)  Mother of two, wife of one Always  Determined
  3. 3. What  Makes  Me  Tick…          I  love  a  challenge… …business…personal…sporting
  4. 4. What  Makes  You  Tick?          Why  do  you  want… …to  be  in  business?                              …to  continue  in  business?                              …to  >ight  the  recession?
  5. 5. Ask  yourself? In  Business  What  Motivates  you Through  the  Challenge? Do  you  stand  tall  and  in  control  or  do you  crumble  under  pressure?
  6. 6. Are  You? (Answer  Instinctively) Pro-­Active  or  Re-­active?   Glass  Half  Full?     Can  or  Cannot? Yes  or  No?
  7. 7. Your  Unique  Proposition What  Makes  You  Stand  out  in  a  CROWDED Marketplace?
  8. 8. What’s  Your  Back-­Story?
  9. 9. What’s  Your  Back-­Story? “People  had  an  expectation  of  me… …and  it  wasn’t  much.But  I  had  a  greater  expectation  of  myself.”
  10. 10. What’s  Stopping  You? FEAR.What  will  happen  if  you  do  nothing?What  will  happen  if  you  take  action? Feel  the  Fear  and  do  it  Anyway!
  11. 11. You  Have  to  Be  Different  to Be  Noticed… •  Product •  Service •  Niche  Customer •  Sales  Proposition •  Intellectual  Property •  Design  /  Patent •  Customer  Service  /  The  Experience But most of all…it’s YOU & your ATTITUDE that people buy!
  12. 12. Your  Business  Vision  WillRe>lect  Your  Personal  Attitudes
  13. 13. You  are  Remarkablebut  do  you  add  Value?
  14. 14. Maximise  your  Marketing  Worth1. Mission  Statement2. Vision3. USP’s
  15. 15. Step Away from the Clarity Devil’s Advocate CrisisProblem Solving Crisis Options Attitude Management Pro’s & Con’s Actions Problem Solved of each option
  16. 16. The  Positive  V  NegativeDon’t  waste  energy  on  the  negative You’re  on  the  back-­foot  to  success3:1  -­  Minimum  Happiness  Level 5:1  -­  Flourishing  Level11:1  -­  Hiding  Problems/Denial Flourishing  is  not  5:0.  It  is  5:1. “Problems  arise  and  things  inevitably  go  wrong. Appropriate  negativity  has  an  important  role  to play  in  >lourishing  particularly  the  constructive confrontation  of  problems  and  unacceptable behaviour.” -­‐  Dr.  Maureen  Gaffney.
  17. 17. Let’s  Get Problem-­SolvingDevelop  Your  OwnCrisis  Management  StrategyThree  A’s  to  A  Problem  Solved…•What’s  your  Attitude?•What’s  your  Awareness?•What’s  your  Action?
  18. 18. Thank  You!